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Feds raid home of Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam


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Feds raid home of Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam
By Natalie Musumeci
December 3, 2018


The FBI and IRS raided the New Jersey home of Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam on Monday morning, officials said.

Authorities would not give a reason why a search warrant was executed at the home.

Doreen Holder, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Newark office, told The Post, “All I can say is that we were there on official law-enforcement activity by a federal court.”

Both FBI and IRS agents were involved in the search, FBI Special Agent Jessica Weisman told reporters at the scene, declining to comment further.

A source told NJ.com that about a dozen FBI agents were seen entering the Ohio Avenue home Monday morning.

Online photos show officials carrying out boxes from Gilliam’s home, including a computer.

Gilliam’s deputy chief of staff, Christina Bevilacqua, told The Post, “We do not know” what the search was in connection to.

“The mayor’s office is open, and we are going to continue to provide services to our residents and the administration,” said Bevilacqua, who noted that Gilliam was not at his office.

Back in April, a judge tossed a criminal complaint against Gilliam that alleged he stole a $10,000 check from the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

Gilliam also made headlines recently when he and Atlantic City Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy II were involved in a brawl outside the Haven nightclub at Golden Nugget Atlantic City on Nov. 11. The incident was captured on surveillance footage.

People involved in the fight allege the elected officials assaulted them and chased them with a car, according to NJ.com.

No criminal charges are being pursued against either Gilliam or Fauntleroy, but both still face citizens’ complaints filed against them from the fracas, the news outlet reported.

They both have a court appearance in North Wildwood on Dec. 11.

Last month, Gilliam insisted to the Press of Atlantic City that there was “no incident” and that “nothing happened,” but later acknowledged there was a physical confrontation.

Fauntleroy told the news outlet that the incident was merely a “loud argument” and nothing more.


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Where's the news about the raid on the Obama second crib? I don't see that anywhere but the speculation is pretty hot


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How long before he plays the race card?

He's about as pale as a "black man" can get.