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Foam Takes Over 15 Minutes to Suffocate Chickens


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Mar 28, 2010
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It takes this foam over 15 minutes to suffocate chickens. It's an "American invention" by Kifco, a manufacturer of irrigation equipment in Illinois. Note the humans in white suits standing in the windows. This is a "free range" farm, because they are not in individual cages, so the FDA allows the packaging of their dead flesh to be sold as "free range." Happy chickens, humane farming - all so that one can feel good about their purchase packaging of animals.


From the Kifco website:

USDA APHIS has approved foam for use in mass depopulation—and commercial growers increasingly recognize its utility.

Commercial poultry companies have long been seeking a practical method for mass depopulation during an outbreak of AI or similar pathogens, to limit the spread of the disease.

Researchers and commercial poultry companies recently established that non-toxic water-based foam with a certain bubble size presents a practical, effective, and humane method for mass depopulation. Foam of the right bubble size creates an occlusion in the trachea of birds, causing a rapid onset of hypoxia. The foam that blankets the broiler house induces physical hypoxia—the same cause of death as the approved method using carbon dioxide gas (CO2).

Until the debut, until the debut of the AVI-FOAMGUARD, safely delivering foam into a broiler house—with the optimal bubble size and at the right volume to achieve effectiveness—has been a hurdle.

Kifco's AVI-FOAMGUARD overcomes this hurdle. Kifco's system dispenses a medium-expansion foam with small bubbles optimal for inducing physical hypoxia. Dispensing a large volume of foam in a short period, the AVI-FOAMGUARD gives commercial producers a simple method that quickly suppresses infected poultry without unduly stressing poultry or personnel. Our equipment substantially reduces labor costs and time, and may even enhance the composting process necessary to deactivate viruses.

USDA Approves Foam
The launch of Kifco's AVI-FOAMGUARD system comes as the USDA has tacitly approved the foam method for mass depopulation, in an announcement made by Dr. Ron DeHaven, Administrator of the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Service. DeHaven announced this approval at the Delmarva Poultry Industry's annual meeting on Poultry Health & Processing, in Ocean City, MD, on Oct. 12, 2006.



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Mar 31, 2010
Yep. I can see them pumping that stuff into houses/buildings full of "troublemakers". :(

It would work even faster if generated with nitrogen, CO2 or other inert gas without oxygen, which would defeat any respiration device that could otherwise defeat the foam. :(

I'm sure that for the poultry use they have to clear away the foam for further processing... what (non-toxic) chemical(s) (besides lots of water) can cancel the surfactant qualities of, or quickly dissipate such foams?



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Mar 30, 2010
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Kifco's AVI-FOAMGUARD has unique advantages over alternative methods for achieving mass depopulation.

UNRIVALED SAFETY - Two-man crew sharply reduces personnel costs, and exposure of crew to affected poultry is minimal—requiring only one operator to enter the house. There's no need to herd or handle birds, fence them, or use multiple personnel.

PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS - Shown 100% effective at depopulating affected poultry in less than three minutes on average, in tests viewed by poultry producers, researchers, veterinarians, and state and federal agriculture departments.

SPEED - In optimal conditions, deploys foam in a typical house in less than 20 minutes, cutting total time per facility. Start-to-finish time—from set-up to wash-down—is less than an hour per house.

HIGH CAPACITY - Large model pumps as much as 4,500 cubic feet of foam a minute—rapidly filling a facility to a height of three feet or higher. Smaller model pumps up to 2,250 cubic feet per minute.

HUMANE METHOD - Safer, faster system allows more humane depopulation than other methods, without unduly stressing animals or personnel.

SPECIALIZED APPLICATION - Develops foam with small, dense bubbles for greater effectiveness. Foam collapses quickly after application, leaving little residue and allowing quicker windrowing and composting on farms that adopt this method.

SIMPLICITY - Simply tow, foam, and go. Coupled to a water-source, the AVI-FOAMGUARD dispenses an enormous volume of foam in a short period. Equipment is self-retracting and shuts off automatically.

TRANSPORTABLE - Self-contained and easily transported by trailer, the AVI-FOAMGUARD comes completely assembled. To deploy rapidly, users simply obtain high expansion foam.

VERSATILITY - The AVI-FOAMGUARD works equally well with varied water sources, including tankers and fire trucks, pools, and on-farm pumps or irrigation systems. With its high dwell-time, chemical foam can also convey disinfectant and insecticide for broiler house cleaning and maintenance.

EFFICIENCY - AVI-FOAMGUARD generates foam efficiently, using up to 50% less water compared to other foam delivery methods.