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Gold and Silver misc items for sale


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Mar 31, 2010
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Clearing out my safe for our move abroad in the next few months.

I have some random items for sale that I figured I'd throw out to GIM folks before sending the primary lot off to APMEX and Provident. Some of the items are damaged oddities and a couple former jewelry pieces. Shipping included.

Sorry for the lack of price specificity but I have no idea how to value some of these. Pictures would not upload here for some reason.

10 x 40% silver Kennedy Halves (from my grandfather's store in the 1960s and '70s) - spot price

5 x 1oz GIM 2007 Minuteman "Freedom" rounds - SOLD

3 x 1oz GIM 2007 "Debt is Slavery" rounds - SOLD

1 x Holed, 1700s Venetian Gold hand hammered piece - Make Offer

1 x 1854 $1 U.S. Gold, former jewelry piece set in ring, damaged and well worn. Date readable but just barely - Make Offer

1 x 1831 French 20 Franc Gold piece, scratch damage at bottom of obverse and reverse, worn but not in terrible condition - SOLD

1 x 5 gram silver Pan American Silver Corp Ingot, a little tarnish spot and some grime but great condition - Make Offer

1 x Johnson Mathey (JM) .999 Silver 5 gram bar, very damaged, deep scratches, dark tarnish and bent in the corner - Make Offer

PM if interested
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