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Gold's bull trap? titles nowadays are full of double senses, from ''manipulation'' to '' dark pipe dream'' and the fine line is a toughening thread...

Sep 17, 2019
Quebec, Canada
...advice differ& so do prices between continents. They say ''gold is a great standard during crisis time'' and we can see how neat it is. Unfortunately, most of us that could hold unto actual gold couldn't really sell it because most banks are closed.

The bill would require insurers to provide protection against lost and interrupted business due to the coronavirus pandemic. It would cap the total amount insurers would have to pay out. Nonetheless, they’d still have to pay large sums, which could endanger the U.S. stock market.


https://thebull.com.au/a-drop-in-covid-19-deaths-keep-the-pipe-dream-alive/ (april 6th 2020)

Markets do not realise that this is long term. In 1918, their pandemic lasted until 1920, and that only ended because of “herd immunity” that the virus died off.

Sure, the current level of stimulus is tremendous, but it’s to bridge over “stay-at-home” orders and mandated business closures. But it’s impossible to draw a lower bound under the economic effects of Corona19, given the lack of dependable inputs and no historic president of this magnitude to correlate the data.

https://seekingalpha.com/article/4242800-gold-is-bull-trap February 2020
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...yet as they say, the worse hasn't hit the shores yet.
https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/yes....-heres-why-you-should-invest-anyway.-2020-04 Personally, I'll wait. See how oddly it drops prior to picking ''diamonds in the rough''