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GOP Navy Seal May Run Against Elizabeth Warren


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Jul 27, 2011
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ON APRIL 14, 2017 AT 1:38PM

Share Tweetbig star in the Democrat Party, things aren’t looking as good as they used to for Massachusetts Sen. Fauxcahontas, er, Lieawatha, sorry, Elizabeth Warren, as she prepares to defend her Senate seat from Republican challengers in 2018.

One such challenger who may have the outspoken progressive senator in a panic is a former Navy SEAL named Gabriel Gomez, who is reportedly considering a run for Warren’s seat next year, according to the Cohasset Mariner.

Gomez, a former Navy pilot turned SEAL, ran unsuccessfully in a special election in 2013 for the Senate seat vacated by then-Sen. John Kerry, who was moving on to lead the State Department in the Obama administration. That seat was ultimately filled by then-Democrat Rep. Ed Markey.

“It’s really making sure we’ve got a crystal clear strategy if we decide to go, because I do think whoever decides to take on this challenge there is a path to victory against Miss Warren,” stated Gomez.

“The nuts and bolts is that there’s a clear distinction on who is really prepared to serve the state in the capacity of the senatorship, and that’s as far as I’ll go on that,” he added, declining to provide further details.

The Washington Free Beacon noted that while Warren has been incredibly popular among Democrats, her approval rating among the broader base of Massachusetts voters has been sliding downward. In fact, her slipping numbers have encouraged a number of other Republicans beside Gomez to consider a run for her seat in 2018.

The Boston Globe reported this week on a recent Morning Consult poll of 2,500 Bay State voters that revealed that while the state’s Republican governor rates as the most popular in the nation, Warren’s approval rating has dropped significantly since last year.

Warren earned the approval of 56 percent of voters while 38 percent disapproved of the job she has been doing. That is a marked change from this time last year, when Warren had an approval rating of 61 percent and was only disapproved by 27 percent of voters.

That less-than-thrilling news for Warren came on the heels of a report in January by Politico that nearly half of Massachusetts voters, 46 percent, wanted somebody else to represent them in the Senate.

“Low numbers don’t necessarily mean there’s an opening for just anyone to challenge her,” said Steve Koczela, president of the MassINC Polling Group, which compiled the numbers. “Republicans who want someone different face the same challenge they always face: Who will challenge her?”