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Government health Ins


The Military gave me Defoliant Exposure
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Mar 16, 2011
State of Jefferson
When I was growing up People took jobs with state and federal government because no layoffs it was a trade off with lower pay than private industry. Now still year round work and better pay with better benefits like insurance plan and retirement plan than private industry. WTF We should all have the same insurance benefits as government workers or better because we may get laid off or put on part time so no insurance at all. I think if we are going to get insurance it should be the same for everybody. If government gets free or cheap organ transplants from Haiti or around the world we should have the same option. They work for us we should fire all the bastards. I am tired of hearing them argue about our insurance coverage


Mother Lode Found
Mother Lode
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Mar 31, 2010
They work for us
I hear ya Gary.

Supposedly they do work for us. But something has happened over a long period of time where people who beg us to elect them into office have managed to turn things around. They take your tax dollars at gun point, lavish themselves and government workers with nice pay packages, healthy medical care and cool breeze retirement plans while literally shitting on the very people who put them into office and laughing at those whose tax dollars make it all possible.

As far as I'm concerned, what ever health insurance is good enough for the average American citizen is good enough for our elected good shepherds and each and every government worker. Same goes for our national retirement plan.

Don't think it'll happen any time soon. But it is good to vent once in a while.