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has this ever happend to anyone else..?


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Mar 30, 2010
Avalon, It could be that your marbles are falling down, and you need to lift them higher. :wink:
To investigate the mechanisms tying motion to memory, Casasanto and Dijkstra instructed 24 college students to move marbles with both hands between two stacked boxes. As they moved the marbles, they were asked about times they had “felt really cool,” “ate something delicious” and other emotion-specific experiences.

When moving the marbles upward, the students were quicker to recall positive experiences and slower to remember the negative. When moving marbles down, happy memories came slowly and sad memories fast.

In the second part of the study, students were asked more general questions, such as “tell me about something that happened last summer.” When moving marbles up, they were more likely to recall a happy time. Moving marbles down brought back unhappy memories.

Because moving marbles is a motion not likely linked to a specific memory, the findings suggest a metaphorical link between motion and memory, say the researchers. Of course, there could still be a direct link in other circumstances. But whatever the explanations, the results add further weight to the idea that bodies are not simply vehicles for our brains, but an important part of our minds.
Snip from: Upward Physical Movement Brings Back Happy Memories