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Hit 100 Yard Drives Drill


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Oct 15, 2012



Hit 100 Yard Drivers
– I keep going back and back to this drill because it really allows you to feel the right positions without going at it 100%. Counter-intuitively, most of us need to to get back to what a swing “feels” like without trying to hit at the ball.

In this drill, feel like the club is light as a feather but get still feel the weight of the club head. Keep your arms (and grip) as loose as possible. There just going along for the ride. Swing about 30%. Does not matter where the ball goes. Try to hit it 100 yards. You’re just trying to feel the swing with the ball getting in the way.

Once you start to feel the swing (this may take a few balls or a few buckets) turn up the percentage to say, 50 or even more to 75 but don’t (I repeat, don’t) be in a hurry to swing harder until you start to really feel a “swing” not a hit.

Just for now try to forget about distance. Thinking about it is just gonna mess you up when trying to integrate a new paradigm into your golf game. Distance will come as a result of a free golf swing. So just for now, chill about distance. It will come.


Note: Spray cheap foot powder on the face of the driver to mark the ball strike location. The powder easily wipes off.
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