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ICE Announces New Precious Metals Platform


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Mar 25, 2010
ICE Announces New Precious Metals Platform

by MarketSlant Editor
01/03/2017 12:04 PM

EXCHANGE NEWSWIRE, February 28, 2016

DB1-LSE: LSE Chairman, Donald Brydon said DB1 CEO, Carsten Kengeter was no longer suitable to lead merged company, in a letter he sent to DB1 Chairman Joachim Faber in early February. Reported by Handelsblatt.

BME reported 4Q16 EPS €0.47 (-4% y/y) and net profit of €39m (+12% q/q, -4.3% y/y), on revenues of €84m (+0.8% y/y) and OpEx of €29m (+16% y/y). BME to submit a €0.80 supplementary dividend for approval at General Shareholders Meeting. 2016 pay-out was 93%, in line with previous years.

CBOE to join S&P 500, effective at open on 1-Mar.

ICE: NYSE is considering the launch of a new stock exchange that would adopt the taker-maker pricing model, that rewards liquidity takers and charges liquidity makers.

Warsaw SE (GPW) reported 2016 EPS of PNL3.12 (+8% y/y), on revenues of PNL310m (-5% y/y) and OpEx of PNL150m (-14% y/y).

JPX Regulation is working on applying artificial intelligence to market surveillance operations by using technologies developed by NEC and Hitachi.

NEX: the US District Court in the Southern District of New York dismissed ICAP from a class action case brought by various investors who alleged manipulation of the Euribor.

CLSA will discontinue its equity research service and halve its US headcount. It plans to launch business focused on fixed income.

MKTX Trax agreed with Droit Financial Technologies to offer an eligibility determination and regulatory reporting service to help firms meet EMIR. The Trax Insight reporting system will automatically assess reporting eligibility according to Droit's regulatory eligibility information for EMIR.

MKTX appointed Christophe Roupie as Head of Europe and Asia for MarketAxess Europe and Trax.

Equinix will acquire the ICT-Center data center in Zurich for $5m. The facility is adjacent to Equinix's existing Zurich IBX data centers ZH2 and ZH4 so that it can expand its ZH4 IBX data center.

DTCC has completed the first part of a post-trade distributed ledger trial conducted in partnership with startup Digital Asset Holdings. The solution tested is designed for the repo market.