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I'm doing an about face on conceal...


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Apr 10, 2010
we have a baby in the family. She is just beginning to walk and is in to everything. At home I have things set up in a safe manor when she visits. When we all travel together and a gun is in my purse it is of concern to her parents. I am very careful but still. The slide on my Jericho is very hard for me to pull and virtually impossible for a toddler or small child. It makes me more secure about carrying around the baby and in my purse. Seriously think about the ramifications of purse carry as opposed to holster. No way I would carry a revolver in a purse..

Guys, watch you how your wives and girlfriends handle their purses. Look at the junk in there and how they are tossed about. Would you really want a revolver in there?

I will do some practicing. I think the key for purse carry is a separate compartment you can reach quickly.
I agree the Jericho sounds safer thrown into the bottom of a purse. Less chance of an AD, but I think you compromise too much as far as deployment.

Sounds like the proper equipment would do a lot to solve this. I know there are specialized purses, backpacks, shoulder bags, etc that have handgun compartments which are both secure and easy to access.

These articles at Cornered Cat should be helpful:




Oct 13, 2010
...I have weighed the chance of an accidental discharge of a revolver carrying outside a holster against the time it would take to rack the slide in a carry emergency and I have judged an AD to be the bigger threat...
who said anything about no holster? A purse made for carry has a compartment with a holster in it. There is no way you're going to claim a revolver is bad for this job and get away with it, that's just not correct. You may choose differently but don't expect praise for it.


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Mar 30, 2010
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I carry a Colt Agent (6-shot 38spl aluminum frame revolver) concealed in my front jeans pocket with a pocket holster inside to smooth out the bulge. Never had anyone give it a second glance. 38spl Nyclad hollow-points are the minimum cartridge I'd trust to a one-shot kill. While the small size is tempting, those short barrel semiautomatics jam at a much higher rate than ones with barrels over 4". They just do. That's why Colt originally made its Combat Commander in a 4.25" barrel. The optimum mix of reliability and concealment. IMHO the ideal concealed semiautomatic would be a Colt CCO. 4.25" barrel and the officer model's alloy frame. Get a Colt CCO on Gunbroker and a good ($100+) shoulder holster. The first priority is to survive.
Yes, the cheap semi's jam. Here is a 2.9 inch barreled semi auto that never jams. Smaller than any airweight 5 shot revolver. No safety, just Double action. Trigger is a buttery smooth 7 pounds. Of coarse this retails for $1,200 so it's too expensive for some. Rohrbaugh makes a super soft shooting 380 auto. 12 Oz unloaded, shoots like a 22 caliber. Stainless upper with Aluminum lower. Quality made hand crafted here in the USA (on Long Island New York).

At 3/4 inches wide, the 380 (or the 9mm shown) dissapears into the front pocket. A holster makes AD very unlikely. Not having one up the pipe makes AP impossible. With one in the pipe, you draw and shoot, just like a revolver, except that sweet 7 pound trigger is easier to pull quickly than a 10+ airweight revolver...

No external safeties, slide locks, magazine releases. Nothing to snag on the pocket or holster. The magazine release is European style - that silver catch at the bottom of the grip attaches onto the magazine. This is fantastic because you never have to worry about accidentaly hitting the magazine release button when drawing the weapon from your pocket or purse. With all other semi auto's, you accidentally press that magazine release and presto, you now only have the round in the chamber, as the magazine will fall out either in your pocket or when you point the gun at the perp. It's hard to work the european magazine release quickly, so reloading in the middle of a fight will not really be an option. But it's clearly not an option with a 5 shot revolver. And the 380 will have less recoil than the 38 snubbie anyways.

Here is a good vid on the 380 Avalon. The Rohrbaugh 380 is everything you are looking for, it sells for $1,150 - but your life is worth it...




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