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Mar 31, 2010
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Way back in ‘08 when things were better , I plunked down the bucks for a monster box of ASEs.
i don’t know if the provenance was important back then, but nowadsys I see ASEs slabbed with a mint mark in parentheses indicating that they were minted at a certain mint, “emergency issue” and such, without the coins having a corresponding mint mark.

i had opened the box shortly after purchase, but kept the straps and a tally strip that was inside the box.
Initially, I really didn’t pay any attention to where the box came from at the time, but when I opened it today and looked at the straps, they say West Point Mint on them. The box also has a label on the end of the lid that says 2008 Weat Point.
The coins DON’T have a W mint msrk. If they did I would be a very lucky man!They were probably merely struck at West Point to meet demand.
Still kinda neat to me anyway to have a box of (W) SAEs.