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Is there a drive to ban Ibuprofen?


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Apr 4, 2010
It was also pointed out on Coast to Coast AM that fairly recent head to head studies of Turmeric vs. Nsaids indicated far better results with the Turmeric, plus sans negative side effects that come with the NSAIDs.
Doc Wallach must have been making the RADIO ROUNDS. I heard him touting same thing on Clyde Lewis' - GROUNDZERO broadcast ( Groundzeromedia.org) I use Turmeric but I need to make it part of my weekly regimen.

Goldbrix, those tailbone cysts don't sound like fun... I'd look into Carnivora. I've had numerous tumor problems, removals, etc. due to agent orange/white. I don't seem to get them anymore since using Carnivora along with total supplementation and using the LumenPhoton.
Those cysts were over 20 years ago and I have had no reoccurrences since then. Just NOT allowing the lidocaine injections to spread the bacteria around and deeper into the tissue was the answer for me.

I'm good to go in the END (sorta speakin'). (*_*)