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Judge orders feds to identify agent in Cliven Bundy case


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Mar 28, 2010
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Judge orders feds to identify agent in Cliven Bundy case

PHOENIX — A federal judge in Las Vegas ordered prosecutors in the Bundy Ranch standoff trials to turn over an investigative report accusing a key government witness of wrongdoing.

Judge Gloria Navarro denied motions to dismiss charges against 17 defendants who claimed the government withheld evidence by concealing misconduct allegations against the federal agent in charge of operations during the 2014 standoff.

Navarro said prosecutors had a duty to release a full copy of a report by the Department of Interior's Office of the Inspector General naming the agent, calling it "material evidence" that could be used to impeach the government's witness.

"The OIG Report details several violations of federal ethics regulations, misuse of government property, misuse of a government position, and 'a lack of candor when interviewed,' " Navarro wrote in a ruling Wednesday. "At a minimum, (defendants) may use this alleged misconduct on cross-examination to impeach (the agent)."

Opening statements began Thursday in the first of three trials against ranchers and militia members accused of conspiracy when they took up arms in 2014 to stop Bureau of Land Management officials from seizing cattle owned by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

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The inspector general's report made public Jan. 30 did not name the agent. But attorneys for the defendants said it contained enough details to positively identify him as Dan Love, the BLM special agent in charge of Utah and Nevada between 2012 and 2015.

Lawyers in court Thursday briefly discussed whether Love would be called to testify. Although prosecutors suggested they might not use him as a witness, they mentioned Love several times and showed jurors a slide with his picture from the standoff.

"This is one of those determining factors ... in a case. This is a significant event," Las Vegas lawyer Bret Whipple said Thursday afternoon. "We should have had this information years ago."

Whipple represents Cliven Bundy, who is scheduled to go on trial with the second group of defendants 30 days after the first trial ends.

He said the report could be used to show Love's pattern and practices of misbehavior. He said federal investigators for years have been aware of Love's wrongdoing and chose to hide it even as trial commenced.

Whipple said his client and other defendants maintain Love escalated tensions at the ranch and that his aggressive behavior turned a peaceful demonstration into an armed standoff.

"It gives value to our concern that there was government overreach," he said.

Report details misconduct at Burning Man

The inspector general's report cites ethical violations that occurred in 2015 at the annual Burning Man event in Northern Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

Federal investigators said the agent wrongly used his influence to obtain benefits for himself and his family members at Burning Man, abused federal law-enforcement resources and intimidated other BLM staff to keep quiet about his conduct. They also accused the agent of manipulating BLM hiring practices to help a friend get hired.

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An analysis by the Reno Gazette-Journal and The Arizona Republic found many details in the report coincide with Love's career, including the agent's former title, his base of operation, his past assignments and his on-site supervisor. In addition, the report cited a June 2015 Gazette-Journal story about complaints against Love over his conduct before Burning Man began.

Love has not responded to repeated phone messages left at his Utah office and on his cellphone.

The U.S. Attorney's Office and Bureau of Land Management officials in Washington, D.C., have declined to comment.

Standoff a flashpoint in public-lands battle

The Bundy trials represent one of the West’s most high-profile land-use cases, which erupted in 2014 when armed ranchers and militia members mounted a six-day standoff against BLM officials during the "Battle of Bunkerville."

For two decades, the BLM repeatedly ordered Bundy to remove his cattle from federal lands near his ranch about 80 miles north of Las Vegas on Interstate 15. The BLM obtained a court order in 2014 to seize Bundy's cattle as payment for more than $1 million in unpaid grazing fees.

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In April, the BLM, led by Love, implemented a roundup of 1,000 head of Bundy's cattle ranging on public land.

Bundy issued a social-media battle cry. Hundreds of supporters, including members of several militia groups, streamed to the ranch from several Western states, including Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Oklahoma.

Pictures of prone figures on overpasses sighting long rifles at BLM agents in a dusty wash below galvanized the public and brought international awareness to the feud over public lands.

Local law enforcement officials, including the Clark County Sheriff, negotiated a settlement and the BLM agreed to abandon the roundup. No shots were fired and no arrests were made.

The standoff was hailed as a victory by militia members. Cliven Bundy's sons, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, cited their success at Bundy Ranch in their run-up to the siege of an Oregon wildlife refuge in 2016, also in protest of BLM policies. An Oregon federal jury acquitted Ammon, Ryan and five others in October.

As 1st trial opens, judge rebukes prosecutors

Six defendants, from Arizona, Idaho and Oklahoma, are the first to be tried. Federal prosecutors designated them as the “least culpable,” but all 17 defendants face identical charges and could spend the rest of their lives in prison if convicted.

The 17 defendants are charged with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer, using a firearm in a crime of violence, obstruction of justice, interference of commerce by extortion and aiding and abetting a crime. Two others who were charged pleaded guilty last year.

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Navarro said dismissing the cases, a drastic step used only in extreme cases of misconduct, was not warranted.

"Given the only very recent release of the OIG Report, the government’s failure to disclose it falls well short of outrageous," she wrote.

But Navarro appeared to rebuke federal prosecutors for their failure to disclose information.

"To the extent defendants seek disclosure of the personnel records of other federal agents," Navarro wrote, "the court reminds the government that it has a continuing duty (to) inspect for material information the personnel records of federal law enforcement officers who will testify at trial."

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Mar 31, 2010
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Daniel P. Love is hated in the West, and for good reason. Not only is his record of reprehensible behavior towards law-abiding Americans shocking to the conscience, but he embodies everything that is wrong with the Bureau of Land Management; arrogance, hostility, and contempt for property and human rights. His name is connected to several federal operations in which the lives of innocent citizens were lost or changed forever, and not only has he escaped the consequences of his thuggish, militaristic tactics, Daniel P. Love was promoted to become director of the BLM’s most militarized division, the Division of Security, Protection and Intelligence.

In recent decades, especially since the Clinton Era, the BLM has become less about land management than it is about controlling human activities, and punishing those citizens who threaten the agency’s power and agenda. With that in mind, Dan Love is perfect for his new job, but Americans who fear deadly government bullies are chilled by both the actual and symbolic messages his promotion transmits to all in the West under the thumb of the BLM.

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Apr 2, 2010


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Apr 2, 2010
Got this today:

Las Vegas Nevada

In an unlikely twist in the Bundy Standoff saga, the Burners from Blackrock are coming to the aid of Cliven Bundy and his three Sons all of which are incarcerated and awaiting trial of a witches brew of charges by the Federal Bureau of Land Management BLM.

What's most interesting about this alliance is the majority of the Burning Man organizers and many "Burners" (Those in attendance) are from the Nations most dense hotbed of Liberals, San Francisco Ca. and the same location as the 9th Circuit Court of appeals where some remnants of this conflict are likely to be heard at some point. San Francisco is the home of the Burning Man group and not typically on the side of the Conservative agenda.

But the actions of the BLM and Agent Daniel P. Love have been anything nut loving and have become so egregious against even the far left liberal organization at Burning Man that they had to file numerous complaints against the agent in charge.

It turns out that Agent Love went on another power binge at the Black Rock facility in 2015, demanding air conditioning, showers, flushing toilets, and things like 24 hour access to ice cream.

I can't fault a guy for wanting these items, especially 24 hour access to ice cream, hell I want that, but in a remote desert wasteland at an event designed to marry man and wilderness in harmony, at first glance it seems a bit lavish but still, these are employees working in the harsh environment and needing to stay alert and active right?
well I guess until the bill comes in and the taxpayer is footing a ONE MILLION DOLLAR price tag for this lavish pad amidst those sleeping in the open, being one with the dust and heat and wind.

Ok so really folks, these are ENVIRONMENTAL Police. They should be able to deal with the environment wouldn't you say? Instead this agent is and has been the poster child of Government opulence, oppression, aggression, and the one word that makes folks from San Francisco shudder with disgust TYRANNY.

Don't get me wrong, I know many Democrats and some from San Fran and not all, in fact most are rationally minded, people with a variant on my way of seeing the political spectrum. We find that all in all, we want the same things, it's just a matter of different strategy in how we get there.

But there has been emerging a different category of far left, socialist, radical, progressive liberals that are small in number but bigger than the Burning Man Himself in voice.
Many are these who are calling out agent Daniel P. Love and citing a multitude of egregious infractions including treating a small group of civilians which are friends of his to unavailable tickets to the event, special motorcades for them, assigned agents to look after them and entry into the coveted "inner circle" of strange and bizarre events where only the strangest and most bizarre with certain special connections are allowed and undoubtedly laden with bountiful weirdness enhancing illegal chemicals... if you like, get my dusty drift man.

So here's the balancing universe in hard action in Nevada. The massive number of complaints filed by Burning man organizers, attendees and other BLM employees and their amazing ability to speak loudly enough to be heard by people who can't hear the normal forgotten mans voice like Cliven Bundy, have finally broken the iron veil of secrecy perpetuated by big brother and cracked open a long and deviant list of unconscionable actions by one agent, but one who seemed to collect awards along the way for his transgressions.

Dating back over a decade, his trail is littered with controversy and destruction leaving dead bodies in his wake and unbelievable carnage. He seemed to have a special appetite for un teathered power and found a method of exacting such atrocities that when people made mention of it, it was simply just too unbelievable and went largely unnoticed. http://graphics.latimes.com/utah-sting/

“I mean like there’s this federal agent guy and he goes by Love, he rolls into this small town in Utah, hires drug addicts and pays them like ten thousand dollars per month to prey on this really nice doctor who’s like the town saint until the Doctor is destroyed and dead, the drug addicts are dead, the quiet town and good doctors family are in ruins, and this agent Ironically named “LOVE” rides off into the sunset to find others to torment."

Enter Cliven Bundy

Agent Love’s thirst for violence and destruction take him to the even smaller burg of Bunkerville, Nevada in Clark County where Cliven Bundy and his Family have been Ranching for over 100 years.

Senator Harry Reid is another such smooth and deviant character who knows all to well how to leverage, destroy and profit from others misery.

‘Ol Harry has some property of his own in Clark County which was obtained by some very peculiar means. It just so happens there are quite a few Ranchers who are earning a livelihood on property adjacent to his bounty of ground.

A plan is contrived to work a deal with the Chinese to install an enormous solar farm on dirty Harry’s property but he needs more ground. So he calls his Children who are all attorneys of course, educated on the tax dollars of people like Cliven Bundy, and conjures up the ‘ol threatened species trick. It seems these robust reptiles who’s life span is roughly equivalent to humans are the perfect antidote to Cattle Ranchers for the Reid team. Despite the fact that the tortoise is largely sub terraine up to 80 % of it’s existence, Reid and his league of legal scholars finds a way to have them deemed “threatened”

People like Cliven Bundy don’t have the time or resources to fight the goliath army of assailants that Reid brings forth so many Ranchers yield to the pressure and simply sell out to the baron. It is so successful in fact that ALL the Ranchers in the area fall, one by one until there are no Ranchers left in Clark County… except one.

Cliven Bundy is as kind as any man you’d ever meet but as hard as the terraine he’s toiled in his entire life. You simply can’t survive as a Rancher or a Farmer or both as Cliven is if you don’t have a particularly strong constitution.

I watched an interview with him and Megan Kelly from FOX News where she lashed out at him and tried to undermine his integrity and failed to do anything but humiliate herself .In the entire interview, 70 year old Cliven who was filmed via live remote from his Ranch, was standing holding a calf in his arms explaining how the BLM had killed so many of his cattle and calves in their attempt at seizing his herd. A calf at birth is 65 -85 lbs and within a short while exceeds 100 lbs. Try holding over a 100 lbs in your arms while holding a 5 minute interview on live television if you doubt his constitution.

Cliven who is actually as well educated on constitutional law as he is Ranching made the point that the BLM was out of it’s jurisdiction in trying to impose and reduce grazing fees and rights. So being on solid legal ground, he denied the “order” by BLM to stop grazing. He instead diverted payment from the BLM to Clark County where according to constitutional law it is intended to be managed.

Harry Reid and crew were in a lather and seething over the fact that he had out maneuvered them. He had destroyed over 50 other Ranchers with relative ease he wasn’t about to let one lonely cowpoke thwart his plan of riches.

‘Ol Harry decided it was time to stop playing nice and bring out the big guns, So who else to deploy but the swift moving, ruthless natured Agent Daniel P. Love.

The ensuing battle was made for television and swept the Nations interest as the much of conflict played out live. What didn’t make the story line however was the brutal confrontation between mature citizens and BLM enforcement personnel under command of Agent Love.

BLM tried to contain all the people who poured in to show support for Cliven in a “protest zone” As you might imagine, the people from Clark County who were there to help a fellow neighbor are accustomed to building fences, not being contained by them.

Bravado and testosterone fueled agent Daniel P. Love deployed attack dogs, Tasers and muscle bound enforcers in tach gear on the crowd, tasing Ammon Bundy Clivens son three times and sicking German shepards on him and others.

Defending himself, he managed to somehow rip out 3 separate taser devices and fend off an attack dog with his boot at the same time.

Another relative of his apparently a 55 year old female was brutally slammed to the ground by agents causing considerable long lasting injury. Most know the story, BLM agents stormed the ravine and drew down assault rifles on the townspeople who in turn returned the favor in a defensive stance.

Agent Love didn’t love this outcome and the bully did what bullies always do when confronted with resistance, he backed off and went home crying.

Harry Reid in an unbelievable interview was seething and made clear revenge was in the works and that these “domestic terrorists” would meet there demise.

So here we are three years later and Reids plot to exact revenge lured the Bundys to Oregon to help defend another Family Ranch under assault, Dwight and Susan Hammond and their son Steven.

That’s another story, but all of the (Bundy boys and many others)were arrested and held without bail for over a year in Oregon on charges brought by the same agency and the FBI.

In a remarkable trial which was heavily influenced by a Federal Judge Anna Brown working for the same agency as the prosecution, the Bundys and all the others except those who took plea bargains were acquitted of all charges.

As if from a movie script, Ammons attorney argued for his release since he was exonerated in any wrong doing by a jury of his peers. Instead of complying with the law and releasing Ammon and Ryan Bundy, they tased his attorney in the court room, censored him and detained the Bundys for trial in Nevada.

So here we are, trial time in Las Vegas Nevada, the first round of hearings to beginning and as though sent from the heavens above complete with angels singing lyrics from the liberal vocalist Alanis Morisette “Isn’t it Ironic” the OIG (Office of Inspector General) is ordered to release the the BLM files on Agent Daniel p. Love to the defendants (Cliven Bundy and his four sons and 13 other defendants).

The Irony swells when most of the damming evidence against Love comes from the Burning Man crew in San Francisco and the employees of BLM who were threatened by him if they talked.

It’s really hard to brand this anything but good vs evil and compelling evidence that the hand of God is most hard at work when we are at our lowest and wonder why he’s so far away.