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Little talked about


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Mar 25, 2010
Is the destruction also of the dem party in progress,

As these dimwit dems run further and further to the left with their phony a$$ crap, they run further from their votes,

They too are dying from rot, dying from within,

Last time thru, oatasama was the supposed change party, and they didn't get it.
Once again they got the shaft, just as if the repubs were in.

This time may be the election where it is anyone but the establishment and it doesn't matter the party.

Having said that, tramp would be wise to keep doing what he is doing and not worrying about the repubs and their desire to make nice. He should stick to his guns and say get on the fookin' train or don't, but it is leaving the station.

Call their bluff if you are such a deal maker.


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Apr 6, 2011
Just force yourself to listen to black radio. 8 years & blacks still don't have anything. Lots of calls realizing they were sold out for their vote & they are pissed. Chi-Congo throwing out rahm, state broke, no pension $........ it would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Detroit shooting a young kid & callers are demanding the death penalty. If not for these wedge issues keeping us at each others throat I think lots of people would be joining together to fight together.