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Make no mistake, America is being permanently dismantled like a cow in a meat packing plant


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Apr 1, 2010
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From Jim Stone:

Make no mistake, America is being permanently dismantled like a cow in a meat packing plant​

Heard frequently: "They cannot replace all these professionals with third worlders"​

I have seen this comment going around, as if it was a self evident truth that will save us.

This reality will not save us.​

The people behind the jab have no intention whatsoever of EVER replacing 30,000 pilots that walk out, 600,000 medical workers that walk out or ANYONE ELSE including the military that walks out because this is the end of America, they are dismantling the country. No, these people will not be replaced and they are never going to work again.

Worse, when the people behind the jab create the next wave of emergencies, the pilots that DO get the jab will be crashing frequently creating even more chaos and the medical workers that got it are going to be stroking out and screwing up left and right in a system that has been totally set up to fail. Soldiers who were jabbed will be on the low end of the intellect to begin with, who will crack under pressure rather than think rationally like the talent that had the picture well enough to walk out - and they will be further diminished beyond their already previously lower intellect. China is going to pummel America into the ground. It is all by design.

The shot is the greatest weapon ever wielded. Nothing in history has done so much damage. It is not only the deaths and maimings of those jabbed, the damage is so much worse than a pile of deaths and maimings because it has hit the top intellectual backbone of the United States harder than any attack on the country ever has just by causing such massive walk outs. Those who hate America, including Pelosi, Soros, Biden and more - the "elite" are absolutely thrilled by the rampant destruction their mandates are causing. They knew it would happen and as an act of hatred against America, they did it on purpose.

If you wanted to destroy America's military, what better way could there possibly be than to cause a mass walk out of the top 40 percent of the armed forces while the rest of them get a shot that kills and maims a lot of them while it diminishes the rest? No battle, - no entire war has damaged the American military as badly as this shot and the mandate. The military has been annihilated ON PURPOSE.

What attack on ANY country has been so serious it took out 600,000 nurses and doctors? The jab and the mandate did. That's the final number, with 40,000 lost in New York state alone. How much worse could an attack have possibly been?

People had better wake up and smell the coffee. "They can't do that because" does not cut it when if their only objective is to cause the collapse of the nation, there could not possibly be a better play.

America's pilots, engineers, front line medical, emergency response, shipping and everything else critical is being de-platformed right now, and every last thing these people worked for is going straight to the shredder, never to be returned to. It is so far past the time to shoot the bastards causing it that it might be too late already, what good is it going to do to "take the country back" when all of the top people have already been wiped out and probably buried behind a camp? That's the objective, if it was not, then explain why the top is getting taken down first.


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Apr 2, 2010
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Unfortunately, this is a real possibility.
Have you watched GH's video -


He tells a very accurate story.


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Apr 1, 2010
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Mrs. Alton has always liked puzzles. Once assembled they can be admired for a time then dismantled piece by piece, put away and built again when/if it's wanted. Same for America, society or even civilization. You or me may no longer be the puzzle pieces at that time but, the puzzle will be built.