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Man with Sword - America was built on the rugged individual.


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Apr 2, 2010
From a friend that holds Constitutional classes.
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America was built on the rugged individual.

No one ever fought for Democracy, or if they did, they were fools. They fought to be able to run their own farm or shop. They fought to enable their family and children to grow up strong individuals and one day own their own farm or shop.

We have always been a nation of rugged individuals. Some would think this is a distinctly American trait, but I beg to differ.

On the one side is the rugged individual. On the other side is a part of a collective, a non-entity. A non-entity cannot speak of “me.”

And what is the difference? The individual has the ability to defend himself as an individual, or his family and children. Such a person can say “I am” and be able to back it up. The non-entity has to look to the collective for protection.

Individualism is not an American trait. It is a trait of Mankind.

I give you this one piece of evidence . . .

From the Chinese language.

Chinese draw their words with little pictures. There is a picture of a “man” that looks sort of like a person. “Tree” looks sort of like a tree. “Sun” looks pretty much like the sun. Or at least you can get the idea of it.

The Chinese character for “I” or “”ME” is two pictures put together.

It is a picture of a man, a person. And along with that person, the person is holding . . . wait for it . . . a sword.

Only a person with a sword gets to say “I am” or “give it to me.”

America always fought for the individual. The idea of America will always exist as long as there are individuals. You. Yes, I mean you. The one with the ability to hold your ground.

A government can be oppressive, or it can be fairly mild and benign. Every government is somewhere on that scale. Where it is on the scale is a reflection of how much you and I are individuals.

That is why socialism and other collectivist religions offend me. They deny the individual.

This is covered in “The Fourth Branch” section of my most excellent Constitution Study Guide. There are some nuances you may not yet know.

John Chambers
Mr. Constitution