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Metals and the Presidential Election


Always wrong
Silver Miner
Apr 4, 2010
I was watching Fox and having pints last night when I came to a bit of a realization. Regardless of who wins the November Presidential election, it appears to be positive for metals and miners. Let me explain:

Biden wins and the following occurs:
Dem's begin the free-fall into socialism. Spending is increased for medical care, social programs, possible BLM reparations. Social unrest increases. Hawks and the MIC begin kicking sand in the Middle East. Wall Street bailouts return and pork barrel politics are En Vogue. Trade deals become China-centric again and the engineered collapse of the country continues where Obama left off. China, Russia and Middle East countries abandon USD for their own gold-backed currencies.
All gold positive as people flee the tanking USD...

Trump is re-elected and the following occurs:
Republicans continue to squeeze out the Federal Reserve as the monster from Jekyll Island enters it's death throws. Trump kicks the PPT to the curb and control is taken from the LBMA. Rigged markets stabilize and gold and silver find it's true value based on physical inventory instead of speculation. Paper gold is weeded out. Q drops have said "Gold will be the end of the Fed". A return to sound money via a gold-backed currency. Gold/silver ratio returns to more traditional values.
All gold positive as physical is in demand and no longer suppressed...

What am I missing here? What scenario would cause this not to work?