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Michigan's Crazed Governor Gretchen Whitmer Bans "Travel Between Residences"

Casey Jones

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Apr 4, 2020
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Down the road from the Kaczynski ranch
IF she was :hang: it would show them we are not weak and send a nice message to the next to hold that position. 50K-100K ropes & this would be all over. Collateral damage in the big picture of things and all of it evil.
I don't think "sending a message" works with this throwback Nazi bitch. She's completely unhinged.

I don't know what those poor SOBs living in that state to do. There's lessons to be learned from it - such as what happens with a large pocket (Detroit) of The Enemy Within, is part of your electorate; but now that it's happened, and this crazed woman is acting like Evita...and there is NO help to come from Washingtoon...I dunno.

Obviously the good people of rural Michigan, especially the very-conservative Upper Peninsula, don't know, either.