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Modern begging for school teacher space supplies


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Apr 12, 2010
Silicon Valley
A lot of you know about one of the passions in my life. Space science education! I collected 100's of meteorites on a 2008 trip to Oman to collect meteorites. I had never heard of or considered meteorites until then.

I collected about 3000 grams of meteorites (~250 pieces) on that trip. From 2008 - 2010 the meteorites were secreted away in a closet of mine. I decided to start sending these meteorites to teachers. Once I did this some meteorite dealers started donating material to my project. Well, bottom line is I've exceeded the capacity to cut many of these meteorites with my horizontal bandsaw.

Which brings me to my request, please share my campaign with all your friends, social media, and family. The campaign is to raise enough money to buy a saw. I will continue to purchase the meteorites privately along with the shipping and packaging costs.

The response from teachers that have received the Meteorite kits have been overwhelmingly positive and I'd really like to continue with this project.

I appreciate any help with either donation or just sharing the campaign.

Have a great Monday (Dogecoin is on the way to the moon! If you follow Dogecoin, I'm funding this project with profits from my Dogecoin investment.