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More Cracks in the Matrix? Ron Paul Not so Nutty After All?


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Dec 19, 2010
Ron Paul's Education Cuts Make Fiscal Sense
By Dan McGinnis | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Tue, Nov 1, 2011

COMMENTARY | Texas Rep. Ron Paul wants to end federally assisted student loans and close the U.S. Department of Education. These are parts of his plan to lower the cost of education and cut federal spending at the same time.

Paul told CNN that ending federally subsidized student loans would ultimately lower the cost of education and still allow anyone wanting to attend college to do so. And, like many candidates before him, he has long advocated shutting down the Education Department in favor of empowering states and local school boards.

On this issue, Paul makes sense. He told CNN it is unfair for some taxpayers to pay for others to attend school. He's right. While Paul hasn't revealed the specifics of his phase-out plan, he has stated it would be a gradual change from our existing system while still allowing "Anybody who's ambitious enough … to go to college."

I'd like to see a plan to encourage more use of vocational and technical schools as well. As a nation, we are losing our manufacturing and technical edge to other countries, specifically China. We are becoming a nation of white-collar degreed professionals and have forgotten that someone needs to know how to manufacture something.

Paul told KTIV that he would also close two other federal departments: Energy and Commerce, saying bluntly, "We don't need all that management."

I usually don't support broad cuts like eliminating whole federal departments, but Paul's approach has some merit. Congress cannot deal with a $1.2 trillion deficit by cutting a few million here and a few million there. In the big picture, those amounts become insignificant. Paul's approach is to make grand budget cuts that change the role of the federal government. That's going to be a big pill for Americans to swallow, but it might be the only solution to a runaway deficit that neither party seems capable of controlling.

His ideas seem to be catching on with Iowans. Over the weekend, WKBT reported Paul won by overwhelming majorities the two straw polls taken at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies in Des Moines, Iowa. His 82 percent victory vastly surpassed second-place winner Herman Cain, who drew just 14 percent of the vote.

Whether this victory is enough for Paul to stay in the race is anyone's guess. But his ideas seem to be catching on -- at least in Iowa.

Dan McGinnis is a freelance writer, published author and former newspaper publisher. He has been a candidate, campaign manager and press secretary for state and local political campaigns for more than 30 years.

Aug 16, 2011
I usually read the crap on Yahoo everyday. This is the first time I can say I've seen something about Ron Paul on Yahoo. I reply to some of the yahoo articles. I always put in every thread "Ron Paul 2012", just to see the response. Some times I put a more thorough reply reguarding RP. Generally the response is to the positive side.