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More Than 51,000 People A Year Are Hospitalized By Police Violence


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Mother Lode
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Mar 31, 2010
More than 51,000 people a year are hospitalized by police violence: Report lays bare staggering rate of ER visits after arrests
  • Researchers at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medicine used national data to analyze how many hospital patients were injured by police
  • It is one of the first medical reports to compile data on the matter
  • Between 2006 and 2012, 51,000 people a year were hospitalized by police
  • More than 80 percent of patients were mentally ill, low-income men, with an average age of 32, living in urban areas. Most cases involved people being struck

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4425490/51-000-people-year-hospitalized-police-violence.html#ixzz4eiAzMilr
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Nov 25, 2013
The entire institution of law enforcement needs an overhaul. This kind of crap has to stop. Just reading the comments section you can see that the brainwashing kids receive in federally funded indoctrination camps extends well into adulthood. We teach our kids that violence is WRONG!!! ...unless it's initiated by authority figures. What a HORRIBLE lesson to teach young people. Realistically speaking, if you saw a guy treating a tiny female this way...even a loudmouth entitled bimbo what would you do? ...oh wait, it's a cop so it's somehow okay?

Some of the comments say bizarre stuff like..."she assaulted the cop!" or "she resisted arrest and got what was coming to her!". What the significant fuq is wrong with these morons. This cop is out of control. He could just as easily have cuffed the wench and sat her on her bony behind, but instead he chooses to plant her face on the ground. This isn't law enforcement, it's just legalized battery.


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Midas Member
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Apr 6, 2010
Yet how many prosecutors file charges of excessive force?

Government for the people?