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MRA vs Doppler/ultra sound


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Mother Lode
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Mar 31, 2010
Been having gut issues with severe pain for years, recently sent for Doppler by my GI doc, it showed 50to 70 %+- Stenosisl, said i need surgery, so went to surgeon, he said he dont trust doppler and sent me for MRA which showed no significant stenosis so based on that he refused to operate. Now keep in mind over the last 2+ years I had multiple doppler , mra and an arteriogram which all showed stenosis in the 50/70% areas, Im quite baffled by it any have a similar experience?


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Apr 4, 2010
Not a clue. But nothing should stop you from getting a second opinion. Would this be a Bariatric Surgeon/surgery you are seeing about ?
Your Healthcare/Medical insurance should carry a list of doctors in the field you need. ( Which usually helps your costs going through them).
My wife snooped on my Kidney Doctor when I found out I had a possible Cancer Tumor. She found this site that may come in handy for you too:
Just fill in the blanks and your area and the site will generate a list of potentials for you to check.

If you happen to know any people in the medical field ask if they would recommend or like doctors they seen or work with.
I found my Cardiologist that way.

Best of Luck,
Here's Hoping All Works Out For You.