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'Murderous Members of NRA' Were Blamed for Las Vegas. Here's How Many Mass Shooters Have Been NRA


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Mar 28, 2010
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Imagine that...

'Murderous Members of NRA' Were Blamed for Las Vegas. Here's How Many Mass Shooters Have Been NRA Members.

mass shootingsthat have happened in their lifetimes.

Sadly, it’s not even hard to come up with examples.

The Pulse nightclub, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino terror attacks come to mind. The attempted political assassinations of Republicans on a baseball field by a Bernie Sanders supporter, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbine, Umpqua Community College, and the Charleston church mass shootings left those most vulnerable open to attack.

Now, with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Sinatra, who accused NRA members of being “murderous,” and actress Patricia Arquette and MoveOn.org blaming the National Rifle Association for either encouraging mass murderers or denouncing the civil rights organization as a “terrorist” group, people have asked the question: How many of the mass shooters have been members of the NRA?

The Washington Post dissected the mass shootings over the past 50 years and found these stats:

Each gun was used to kill an average of three people, not counting shooters. The 948 people came from nearly every imaginable race, religion and socioeconomic background, and 145 were children or teenagers.

The definition of “mass shootings” changes with the organization doing the analysis, but the Post considered a mass shooting in which four or more people were killed.

This is how the Post showed the ratio of victims of mass shootings (in black) to overall gun violence (in gray) victims:

Screenshot/The Washington Post
The large gray portion is total gun related injures at 25,000. The smaller gray area denotes the number of deaths at 12,000. More than half of these are suicides.

That small black box in the left-hand, bottom corner represents how many people died in “mass” shootings.

And how many of these shootings have been carried out by a card-carrying member of the NRA?

Here’s a stat for you: zero.


If any of them had been it would have been in the news.

NRA Executive Director Chris Cox told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson the Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock was not a member of his group, nor was any mass killer: “The truth is that there were NRA members at that concert. There were NRA members shot at that concert. NRA members murdered at that concert. The American people are looking for answers and so are we.”

But, he told Carlson, Paddock was not a member of the NRA.

“Of course not. That’s the one thing that is consistent [from critics]. They blame the one organization whose members don’t commit the crimes."

The NRA is a powerful group made up of 5 million Americans who learn about gun safety, shooting skills, and their civil rights.


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Apr 1, 2010
Why is the NRA playing defence? They should blame the shooting on left wing media inciting violence against Trump supporters. Fight bullcrap with Fesces is my bromide.