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Oct 15, 2012
Heres a lil piece below that I've been working on & writing as a hypothesis to the zero & one equations from a gnosis & intuative perspective. Keep in mind that this paper is not finished yet and is rather a rough outline of the hypothesis.

The Nature of Reality Hypothesis,

Part One
by Barnacle Bob

"Either Consciousness creates matter or matter creates consciousness?"

We are "trapped" in a cosmic error, i.e. a state of duality, like a checkered chessboard, negative & positives, black & white squares, yin & yang, etc.. Nothing experienced & perceived as fundamentally material in this reality is created until it is observed, defined & accepted (RE: Young's "double slit" experiment).

Hence the material reality is an ongoing process, and not a tangible thing. Before a particle can be observed, it is in a "perfect" wave state of "undefined" potential, possibility & probability.

Potential/Possibility/Probability wave --> Observation --> Intention --> Definition --> Manifestation

Since it is a wave, it possesses ZERO substance, intent, or definition, hence we call the wave numerically Zero. Zero as a wave possesses omnipotence, omnipresence & omniscience. The wave state lacking intent or definition is not subject to any laws or rule sets, as the wave state exists in a state of pure perfection... only imperfection requires regulation via the various laws of physics such as the laws of conservation, angular momentum, thermodynamics, gravity, Newtons 3rd Law, etc....

"Particles dont exist until observed, reality is created by information which is created by observation. The observation must be made by something conscious, a conscious observer capable of generating information by observing or measuring" -- John Archibald Wheeler, Numerous Prize Winning Physicist

When the wave is observed, it "falls" from a state of perfection into the imperfect unbalanced material realm thru the OBSERVERs intent & definition, of knowning good & evil, a.k.a. a state of duality is rendered, as it can only exist in various states of atomic electrical charges, a.k.a. the trinity of negative, positive & neutral electrical states. The fall of Zero & perfection into a state of unbalanced imperfection is numerically represented by the number one (1). Hence we find ourselves dualistically trapped between the two states of Zero & One, perfection & imperfection with no means of discovering or communicating with the central observer that is constantly observing, defining & redefining reality at the Plank lengths & scale (10^35 / 10^44).

"Get over it and accept the inarguable conclusion: The universe is immaterial, mental and spiritual." -- Richard Conn Henry, Academy Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University

The Gnostics of Greece & the Levant called the central observer the Demiurge/Demiurgos, the Jews called him Enlil Jehovah/Sakla/Sama-el/Yaldabaoth, etc., the Christians Lucifer/Satan. In the movie series Matrix, the Architects role is that of the Demiurge in Matrix Reloaded... It should be noted that the "Architect/Observer/Demiurgos" concept stands directly in opposition to the exoteric religions of Popery & esoteric Quabalah/Kaballah/Zionism... The fact that numerous quantum particle physics experiments verify the required need for a central observer to exist has so far not motivated most of the institutions of religion to update their false teachings. In ancient Rome & Constantinopole it was the Gnostics & the believers in the Demiurge that were crucified & fed to lions & pyres, along with the great libraries of the ancient world.

The Demiurge Concept

What the Greeks and Gnostics called the “Demiurge” is a universal intelligence that fashions our world.

It is said that the Demiurge converts abstract metaphysical archetypes (higher thoughts/ideas) into physically manifest forms, akin to your browser turning source code into a displayed web page. Just as a browser obediently displays what it’s given, the Demiurge projects, shapes, and perpetuates physicality in accordance with the archetypal thoughts fed into it by the Creator. Archetypes are the building blocks of meaning, the fundamental alphabet of existence, the abstract thoughts of the divine, of which all things are but particular expressions.

Why is the concept of Demiurge even necessary?

Well, we know from the “reality creation” phenomenon that our own minds can shape reality by directly altering the probability of events. Due to the dependence of reality on mind, it would seem that reality is being projected by our minds. And yet, reality continues to exist even in our absence. When we stop paying attention to something physical, it does not wink out of existence. Obviously there must be something other than our own consciousness at work, something that is always there, that functions as the default generator and perpetuator of physicality. This would be the Demiurge.

Why not attribute this function to the Infinite Creator and dispense with the extra concept of Demiurge?

Because as you will see, the characteristics of the Demiurge indicate more of a blind artificial intelligence than an infinite sentient being. Therefore its function is uncharacteristic of the Creator and unique unto itself.



The Architect/Observer can only create unbalanced imperfection... for it is the imbalances of perfection that create & manifest the world we call reality & home. A world of balanced perfection would find equal numbers of electrons to protons to neutrons, etc., etc., etc.. This is expressed in the Architect scene of the Matrix Reloaded below. The equation of Zero must be unbalanced to create "the one" to manifest the illusion of material reality....

Note in the above Matrix clip, Neo discovers the Architects problem as being "choice". Choice is not the problem, but rather implied consent, disguised as choice is the problem. It is true, we hu-mans are observers, but we are secondary observers, we also dont "define" the initial observation that manifests into the material realm. Our options are limited to accepting the definitions as either negative or positive, which isnt much of a choice. We can somewhat innovate & bend the definitions within the rule set using physical methods such as chemistry, energy, machining, etc. to alter the PERCEPTION of the definition.... for the definition is in its most rudimentary form, is nothing more than streaming information that is being processed by individually programed processors called life from the highest to lowest forms....

"Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter." Neils Bohr, Nobel Prize Winning Physicist

The only "choice(s)" we possess in this world is determined by our voluntary consent as to how we are going to process the incoming streams of information... we can accept it either positive while rejecting it as negative or neutral, or we can accept it as negative while rejecting it as positive or neutral, or we can accept it as neutral, rejecting both positive & negative attributes, by turning the other cheek.

"But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also." -- Matthew 5:39

The Je-Sus figure above is providing us with an example of the inner workings of an atom. He is informing us that we should remain neutral like a neutron for us to remain balanced. The proton will pass positive energy thru the neutron to the electron or the electron will pass negative energy to the proton thru the neutron... the neutron must always turn the other cheek without prejudice to correctly & efficiently render the information at the frame (flicker) rates at the Plank time & length (10^35 / 10^44). Again every choice we make, requires some form of consent... and for some metaphysical unexplainable reason consent & choice cannot be forced or attained unconscionably, it must be acquired by direct or by implication, a.k.a. "silence is consent". When we dont consciously enter into a choice, we unconsciously make a choice....

This matter of consent & choice is further complicated by the NOW... When does the Now become the history of the past, or when does the Future become the Present a.k.a. the Now? Is time the creation of the act of observation & definition, hence the Plank length & scale (10^35 / 10^44)?

"Denial is the most predictable of all hu-man responses" --The Architect

Time is a measure of particles changing positions as they lose energy.

End Part I.


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