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Opus Magnus: John Leckrone


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Oct 15, 2012
Hello my friends. This is my magnum opus and shows you how to file claims under the pains and penalties of perjury. All things come full circle people. My knowledge, skills and abilities did not come from nowhere. I was a creation of my environment. Make sure each of you make a hard copy of this as this is the kind of work that disappears into the void.

I filed this into my case in Michigan and no one disagreed with it. There are two groups of claims in this court case already filed of which this was the first. I will share the next one in a couple of days after this one has been out for a while. I will post it in the comments section when it is active as well.

Public, judicial and constructive notice and claims for File No. 14-000239-DE.

1. The honorable John McCotter Leckrone, acting as the claimant, executor and beneficiary, a living man with status and standing on the land and not lost at sea or dead retains all unalienable rights and waives none whether statutory or procedural or for any reason whatsoever. All presumptions without evidence are rebutted and he now establishes his common law court of record article three court where the magistrate trustee is separate from the tribunal and all actions involve only men and women under oath or affirmation of facts filed under the pains and penalties of perjury.

No corporate fiction PERSONS have status or standing. Jurisdiction of the original moving court is challenged and removed for cause. That cause being a failure of full disclosure, mutual consideration, a meeting of the minds and two wet ink signatures or autographs of a legitimate contract. Offer and acceptance do not constitute a valid contract when it is for the purpose of exploitation and unjust enrichment. This is especially true when key issues are deliberately hidden under the color of language and color of law by BAR members and trustees.

The trustee with the black robe acting as JUDGE is held to the oath of office whether that oath is on file on the public record or not. A violation of the oath is a federal crime pursuant to 5 U.S.C. section 7311 and executive order 10450. Punishment may include removal from office, prison and fines. Misprision of a felony is also of concern to the claimant, see 18 U.S.C. section 4. The cloak of sovereign immunity is lost through criminal actions and abuse of discretion. Claimant expects and is entitled to honest service by the public trustee acting as JUDGE whose corporation is listed on Dun & Bradstreet. Claimant also expects remedy, cure and relief for being harmed by third parties with a hidden criminal agenda.

No policy enforcement officer or agent of the corporate government may testify unless they take the oath as a man or woman and not as a corporate employee PERSON or nom de guerre (name of war). Claimant does not accept titles. Refer to claimant only as claimant or john.

A corporation fiction PERSON cannot be plaintiff or claimant as it has no status or standing and cannot be held accountable under pains and penalty of perjury nor can something imaginary be cross examined. No attorney may represent a decedent as they are incompetent to testify under rule 601 of Federal Rules Of Evidence and the dead man statutes. Also claimant does not consent to joinder between the living flesh and blood man and the corporate fiction PERSON cestui que vie (proof of life) trust although claimant will retain his right to access that trust for remedy as it was created for claimants benefit.

Claimant is here by special appearance under threat and duress and does not waive any rights, remedies or defenses whether statutory or procedural. Claimant does not consent to the abduction and storage of himself to be the surety for a corporation's debts. Claimant retains all of his unalienable rights and requires the prosecutor to prove all seven elements of jurisdiction.

The agents of the BAR and the various corporations masquerading as "government", Latin origin words meaning "mind control", have caused and are continuing to cause claimant injury and harm under threat and duress. Claimant requires the clerk trustee magistrate's oath of office and is holding the magistrate to that oath and to the position of public trustee. In addition claimant requires the magistrates and prosecutors bond as well as the name of the insurer and telephone number for same.

Claimant is not a ward of the state and is capable of handling his own affairs so no parens patriae relationship exists. Claimant retains his position as creditor, beneficiary and attorney in fact. All contracts are to be clearly articulated and entered into the record and no hidden contracts are permitted. Contracts must have all required elements to be valid to include full disclosure, a meeting of the minds, mutual consideration and wet ink signatures or autographs of all contracting parties.

All presumptions are rebutted. Judicial discretion is not granted. Claimant expects honest service. Claimant also requires the letter of marque and reprisal and discovery to include findings of facts and conclusions of law. Claimant retains his in personam jurisdiction and his in rem jurisdiction.

Claimant does not consent to the crimes of hypothecation, personage, barratry, abduction, hostage taking, human trafficking, coercion, practicing law from the bench, fraudulent conveyance of language, assault, battery, kidnapping, extortion, racketeering, on land piracy, criminal conversion, malicious prosecution, bills of attainder, jury tampering, peonage, press ganging, usufruct or any other common law crimes against the man or the man's PERSON as these are all a trespass against the claimant. Claimant is not bound by legalese, dog Latin, glossa, word art, American Sign Language or syntax grammar. Acts, statutes, codes, rules, regulations, the Administrative Procedures Act of June 11, 1946 (public law 79-404, 60 Stat. 237) or the UNIDROIT treaty are all foreign to claimant. Claimant does not answer to imaginary fictions or their self appointed corporate agents with BAR cards or privateers with costumes, badges and guns.

Claimant is not chattel property, a transmitting utility, a special purposes vehicle, Roman Catholic, a British or Vatican subject, employee of the STATE OF TENNESSEE or STATE OF MICHIGAN corporation or the UNITED STATES corporation (28 USC 3002 section 15 A) or the CITY OF CLARKSVILLE Municipal Corporation or the COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY or the VILLAGE OF BEAR LAKE or MANISTEE COUNTY. Claimant is not a cestui que vie trust, vessel, lost or misplaced cargo, person, corporation, ship, dead body or bond slave. Claimant is entitled to full disclosure as well as to subrogation. Claimant requires the public trustee to be unbiased and to discharge this color of law matter as claimant is claiming his property unlawfully converted from him. It is corporate public policy that all crimes are commercial 27 CFR 72.11 and that no debts can be paid, only discharged (March 9, 1933 bankruptcy, HJR 192 codified).

Claimant revokes all contracts based on maritime admiralty constructive contract and racketeering fraud as they do not have full disclosure or a meeting of the minds or mutual consideration and are void from the beginning for cause. Claimant does not delegate his authority to anyone. Claimants unalienable rights have been converted into privileges under the color of law which is a crime. Failure to provide remedy, cure and relief is both dishonorable and actionable. Claimants very expensive fee schedule is on the public record for those who wish to trespass against him. Claimant is fully prepared to settle this matter on the private side.

All actions based on fraud are void from the beginning. This maxim of law has been around for centuries even though it is frequently ignored by those committing the fraud. Now regarding the fraud here are additional examples which can be proven by claimant but there are so many more.

All of these corporations masquerading as de facto governments are bankrupt. Using the crimes of personage and barratry they have enslaved the people in their communities and turned them into bond debt slaves for foreign banking interests. The people have been press ganged into serving these corporations using threat and duress.

Fraudulent conveyance of language. Through the use of words with meanings that are different than that in common use, unilateral contracts are created for the purpose of pillaging people and their property and trusts as is the case here with regards to the assets which transferred to claimant upon the death of his mother, Karen Leckrone, a woman, now deceased.

This is a mixed war between the corporation's agents and the people who are the victims being plundered.

Corporations and governments are nothing more than trusts created for the benefit of the owners of the trust and their employees originally hired to provide necessary governmental services. These corporations through their agents and employees have stolen the sovereignty of the people and then granted to themselves the right to plunder the people by using extortion and brute force along with the color of law. This is unlawful and immoral as well as ludicrous and criminal.

6. Capitis diminutio maxima means maximum loss of status in Latin. The people have been turned into surety for these corporations debts and the use of all capital letter names such as JOHN LECKRONE are how people's rights are stolen. There are only 5 things an all capital letter name can be and they are

1. The name of a ship.
2. The name of a corporation.
3. A dead body.
4. A slave.
5. Title to a cestui que vie trust.

In these kangaroo courts the people are looked at as being all five as they are being administered for profit by agents of the BAR.

7. The cloak of sovereign immunity is lost through criminal actions and abuse of discretion by those employed by these corporations. For far too long sovereign immunity has been used to commit a multitude of crimes. Below is a list of many of the crimes and trespasses but it is in no way complete.

1. Self interested deceit.
2. Fraud.
3. Constructive fraud.
4. Malfeasance.
5. Misfeasance
6. Nonfeasance
7. Felony breach of trust
8. Threat and duress
9. Terrorism
10. Unlawful conversion
11. Theft by unlawful taking or disposition
12. Breach of international treaties
13. War privateering
14. Press ganging
15. Inland piracy
16. Enslavement
17. Peonage
18. Conscription under force
19. Racketeering
20. Usurpation
21. Identity theft
22. False imprisonment
23. Extortion under color of law
24. Extortion under threat and duress
25. Human trafficking
26. Heinous crimes
27. Armed robbery
28. Accessory to armed robbery
29. Kidnapping
30. Aggravated kidnapping
31. Using mail to extort
32. Fraudulent conveyance of language
33. Reckless indifference resulting in mental anguish
34. Bringing private law into the public
35. Emotional abuse
36. Abuse of office
37. Malicious prosecution
38. Prosecutorial misconduct
39. Unlawfully claiming power of attorney
40. Personage
41. Barratry
42. Refusal to address valid claims
43. Commercial feudalism
44. Fraudulent contracting
45. Violation of homestead act
46. Reckless endangerment
47. Stalking
48. Harassment
49. Kidnapping
50. Held for ransom
51. Using contract law when we are owed common law court of record
52. Bringing false complaints for a fictitious plaintiff
53. Treason against lawful government
54. Breach of the peace
55. Conspiracy against rights
56. Domestic terrorism
57. Using a bill of attainder
58. The BAR is a closed union shop so forcing people to only have council that are members of the BAR is a monopoly.
59. Violation of judicial canons
60. Failure to produce a public hazard bond
61. Violation of due process
62. Murder
63. Manslaughter
64. Deprivation of rights under the color of law
65. Practicing law from the bench
66. Lying under oath
67. Having no oath of office
68. Breach of oath
69. False arrest or warrantless arrest
70. Drug trafficking
71. Chemical warfare via vaccines, chemtrails and fluoride
72. Breaking and entering
73. Trespassing
74. Assault with a deadly weapon
75. Jury tampering
76. Witness tampering
77. Presumptions with no evidence
78. Bribery
79. Semantic deceit
80. Violation of Title Of Nobility Act
81. Extrinsic fraud
82. Fraud upon the court
83. Fraud of process
84. Usufruct
85. Intrinsic fraud
86. Slander
87. Libel
88. Defamation of character.
89. Alienation of affection
90. Fraudulent concealment
91. Prejudice
92. Hearsay evidence permitted
93. Assumes facts not in evidence
94. Official oppression
95. Aggravated perjury
96. Misappropriation of public funds
97. Using petit juries
98. Practicing without a license (BAR cards are union dues cards)
99. Abuse of prosecutorial discretion
100. Ex parte (talking to the judge alone about the case before case is heard which is illegal).
101. Inability to video or audio court cases where crimes are committed.
102. Bribery
103. Kickbacks
104. Conspiracy to defraud
105. Misuse of alter ego
106. Unbonded summary process
107. Prison bonds (court cases get CUSIP numbers)
108. Criminal possession of a forged instrument
109. Intimidating a participant in a legal process (contempt of court)
110. Retaliating against a participant in a legal process (contempt)
111. Criminal mischief
112. Receiving stolen property
113. Criminal conspiracy
114. Wanton endangerment
115. Tampering with physical evidence
116. Complicity
117. Knowingly exploit adult by person
118. Fraudulent use of social security numbers
119. Legal abuse
120. Discrimination
121. Denial of due process
122. Tax evasion
123. Abuse of plenary power
124. Invasion of privacy
125. Conflict of interest
126. Practicing medicine without a license when holding someone unlawfully for a competency assessment.
127. Impersonating a public servant
128. Forcing council to be a member of the BAR
129. Entrapment
130. Emoluments salary and fees from employment or office
131. Collection of unlawful debts
132. Violation of Lieber code
133. Respecting of persons
134. Unconscionable contracts.

The benefits to being a free range tax slave are miniscule for most people who would rather be free if told the truth and given the choice.

A complaint is not a lawful claim filed under pains and penalties of perjury. Legal tender does not lawfully discharge debts. There must be value given for value.

Claimant has standing as it is his equity and his property that was unlawfully stolen and all parties reading this document should consider claimants efforts to be a replevin action.

A piece of paper in the form of a corporate charter is a dead thing and cannot move a court or make a complaint or claim. Only a living man or woman may do so. This is a fraud upon the people. When corporations were given the status of PERSONS this created the opportunity for criminals with BAR cards to attack the people under the color of law. A piece of paper cannot be a harmed party nor can it make a contract. To imply that it can is ludicrous.

The Erie Railroad decision attempted to hide the people's right to remedy through a common law court of record. Common law courts of record were replaced with courts of equity which are private for profit contract law banking courts evidenced by the gold fringed flags. This has been a windfall for the agents of these equity courts who have imposed their private contracts onto the people for the purpose of pillaging their estates.

Abuse of discretion, unilateral contracts with no benefits for the victim, abuse of authority, simulated legal process for public consumption and so much more has been the result of this travesty of justice. The private corporate collection agencies acting as kangaroo courts have flourished under this criminal system. The lack of candor of attorneys and clerks masquerading as judges is the norm. A sizable percentage of the holders of a BAR card union dues card lack character and conscience.

The people did not give enumerated powers to be used to commit crimes against them. The people expect honest service and integrity from their employees. The people are sovereign without subjects and have a duty to resist tyranny and oppression executed under the color of law. The power which is derived cannot be greater than that which it is derived from. When employees of corporations assume undelegated powers it makes any unlawful action performed by them void. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In order for evil to prosper, good men must do nothing. The average man or woman on the street did not agree to be enslaved and pillaged for profit by these corporate agents.

2. Claimant is sole heir and owner of the real property and it's equity generally known as 12391 Lynn Street, Bear Lake Michigan, legal description VILLAGE OF BEAR LAKE S 29.5 FT OF W 66 FT OF LOT 5 BLOCK C and all property to the West of said land and building to the Eastern edge of US 31 and butting up to the real property belonging to the owner of Richmond Drug store generally being known as 7717 Lake Street and land behind that building belonging to that owner.

Additionally all property that originally belonged to claimants now deceased parents is now claimed by claimant. These properties originally belonged to John and Karen Leckrone. With their passing these real properties became claimants by right of inheritance. These facts are on the public record at the Manistee County Michigan courthouse in claimants mothers will as well as the fact that claimants claims remained unanswered a few years ago when original crimes were committed against claimant. Unrebutted claims stand as truth in commerce. With regards to the "settling of the estate" by BAR card holding employees of the Honor Bank, these actions were based on fraud which claimant can easily prove in several different ways to the detriment of the attorney's responsible for the charade as well as the employee of the Honor Bank who hired them.

Claimants childhood home of 12407 Lynn Street Bear Lake Michigan and the storage building for his antiques and other property generally known as 12395 Lynn Street, Bear Lake Michigan and other properties were destroyed under orders. The large quantity of personal property of claimant which was stored in various buildings is presumed to be lost forever and had significant value, both financial and otherwise to include the ashes of his deceased mother who was to be buried next to her husband in Bear Lake.

3. All of these real properties were acquired by claimants father, John Kirk Leckrone and his wife, claimants mother, Karen Faye Leckrone via private contract. Upon their passing allodial title was passed on to claimant who took possession of these properties for his exclusive use and benefit. Claimant spent in excess of $50,000 fixing up several of the buildings during his mother's final years and one of claimants hourly employees nearly died from a fall while repairing the now demolished building originally known as 12395 Lynn Street, Bear Lake Michigan. This real property only needed an electrical inspection as it had been completely restored outside and needed only minimal cosmetic work inside. There was absolutely no reason for it to have been demolished.

4. Corporations are fictions with no status or standing as they cannot make claims or for that matter do anything as they are only pieces of paper with a corporate charter typed upon the paper in ink. To imply that corporations can move a court is ludicrous. The agents working for these de facto, not de jure, "governments", Latin for "mind control", have used the ignorance of the people and corporations having the status of persons to undermine the people's absolute authority over these corporate criminal enterprises masquerading as legitimate governments. Corporations and their agents have duties and responsibilities. Men and women have unalienable rights which are regularly violated with impunity for profit by employees of these corporations.

5. Taxation is theft using compelled performance under threat and duress. This is extortion and thus good title cannot be passed on to third parties by fictions via their agents with BAR cards or men and women with costumes, badges and guns acting as privateers.

6. The basis of this perceived "authority" is the unconscionable contract made by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to foreign banking interests in 1933. His theft of the American people's gold and hypothecation of their property under the color of law to stand as surety for the corporation's debts was the crime of unlawful conversion. His co-conspirators were the governors and the state legislators at the time who went along with the theft and the fraud perpetrated due to the bankruptcy of the United States corporation. This bankruptcy was treated as a national emergency and still holds true today over 86 years later.

With the bankruptcy the United States corporation (28 U.S.C. 3002, section 15 a) and the theft of the American peoples gold and the voiding of contracts based on this metal by Franklin Delano Roosevelt's unlawful executive order 6102 of April 5, 1933, Americans have been forced to use FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES as legal tender. These are private foreign banking script with no intrinsic value and are not lawful money. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are only negotiable debt instruments with CUSIP numbers for use of the FEDERAL RESERVE corporation members who have formed a criminal enterprise guilty of a multitude of RICO crimes 84 Stat. 922-3 aka 84 Stat. 941 and 18 U.S.C. 1961 - 1968.

FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are a liability to the United States corporation which can be verified by going to 12 U.S.C. section 411. A debt cannot be used to pay a debt and since the bankruptcy it has become public policy that debts can only be discharged, not paid. The FEDERAL RESERVE members pay approximately .14 cents per FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE regardless of denomination which is supposed to be offset by the value of assets that history has consistently proven the FEDERAL RESERVE banks do not have. This is evidenced by frequent bank bailouts, mortgage fraud, theft of the contents of safety deposit boxes, inflation which is a form of theft caused by a debasement of the currency and of course the theft of the American people's gold and silver.

A simple Google search using the words "banking fraud" will generate in excess of 851 million hits. The American people who are the creditors of this behemoth of banking have been it's victims as the FEDERAL RESERVE has abused its monopoly of the currency to exploit and steal from them. The FEDERAL RESERVE'S fiat currency is manipulated regularly and used to purchase real assets with tangible value in exchange for their near worthless debt instruments.

The monopoly of the FEDERAL RESERVE was authorized by only a small part of the board of directors congress of 1913 when most of the other members were away on Christmas break. The bill would never have passed otherwise as evidenced by Congressman Charles August Lindbergh Sr. who wrote the book BANKING AND CURRENCY AND THE MONEY TRUST just before the act passed. Charles Lindbergh Sr. also brought articles of impeachment against several members of the FEDERAL RESERVE very shortly after the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT was passed and signed into law on December 23, 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson. Public law 63–43, statutes at large ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251.

The only valid coin still in circulation with legitimate history is the copper penny which was among the first coins minted by the United States Mint. These coins were also debased as their size was significantly reduced in the late 1850's just prior to the war of Northern aggression and then it's composition changed to being copper coated zinc in 1982. This is additional evidence of more theft as inflation continues to destroy the value of the currency due to endless printing, credit creation and bond purchases in order to continue to support this house of cards and the lie of the FEDERAL RESERVE and their debt instruments even to this day.

Additionally the value of commodities are also manipulated by these bankers. This complicates the producers ability to function due to the nature of this fraud and manipulation of various commodities values. Banks are trading in places that they have no legitimate business interest in. The banks do it solely for profit and to protect the value of their debt instruments. For these criminal banking enterprises it is "just business" while the people and honest producers of wealth and commodities suffer for it. There are no honest weights and measures anymore. There are only manipulated values of everything touched by the toxic currency FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

7. The administrative process being performed in these private for profit kangaroo courts by attorney's using maritime admiralty constructive contract and racketeering fraud, hidden unilateral contracts with virtually no benefit to the victim, barratry, clerks masquerading as "judges" and the use of patents, trademarks and copyrights have been well documented by claimant on the public record. Presumptions, parens patriae, hypothecation, titles such as delinquent taxpayer, respondent, defendant and capitis diminutio maxima, Latin for maximum loss of status, are other dirty tricks committed to continue this charade by converting the first creditor, we the people, into the debtor ie. the trustee of the trustees. This is a crime of conversion under the color of law using fraud.

8. The people's equity is their sweat, blood and life force stolen for the benefit of employees of the various corporations masquerading as "government" and their banking masters. These corporations can be found on the Dun and Bradstreet website.

9. Compelled performance under threat and duress is extortion which is involuntary servitude and therefore it is slavery which is both immoral and unlawful. Voluntary servitude and making victimless issues crimes thus making the average man or woman on the street a criminal is how tyrants have overcome this ethical dilemma. If that is not bad enough people are assumed to be employees of these corporations thus we have the crime of press ganging.

10. Just because something is currently considered legal to do does not make it lawful. Many Nazi war criminals discovered this truth after world war 2 when they were shot or hung for their war crimes.

11. Corruption is an act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and at the expense of the rights of others. This is prevalent in both de facto governments and in these private contract equity courts who use the monopoly of law and force to terrorize and enslave. Most people do not voluntarily consent to being stolen from and they did not knowingly consent to having their common law courts of record where their rights were guarded changed to maritime admiralty contract equity courts where their rights are violated under the open secret of contract violations. Most people are not even aware that they were put into commerce and contract. See the Erie Railroad decision for that crime. Once again this crime was perpetrated by the criminal banker Franklin Delano Roosevelt who stacked the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT with his puppets when the original court would not go along with his plundering of the country.

12. Law is a simple concept to grasp. It is merely three words with a basis in peaceful coexistence. Those words are "Do no harm". To fail to know this universally recognized truth is gross negligence. Many BAR card holding attorney's are guilty of gross negligence. Far too many BAR members impose their private for profit contract law on the people for their profit which is unjust enrichment. The people have been sold "legal services" by members of this criminal monopoly. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

These agents of the banks ie. BAR members, a private union dues paying club, are the administrators for the United States bankruptcy. They work for the foreign bankers who have claimed ownership over the people and their property. The people had their gold and private property stolen and were made surety for the United States corporation debts in the bankruptcy of 1933. This is a most unconscionable contract done by the criminal banker Franklin Delano Roosevelt, acting as president of the United States corporation. That was the crime of unlawful conversion under the color of law. The governors and state legislators at the time also consented to this crime of high treason.

The national emergency that followed appears to be the foundation that BAR attorneys are now using as justification to pillage and steal from the public trust. As trustees and administrators using administrative process for the bankruptcy many BAR attorneys are using constructive contract and racketeering fraud as well as the color of law in private maritime admiralty tribunals where rights are trampled with impunity by union due card carrying private association BAR members. The intended beneficiaries of the public trust are regularly the victims of barratry in these kangaroo courts. People are finding it difficult to get honest service with unbiased judgements.

Decisions consistently favor BAR attorneys and de facto governments and their agents and the criminal banking enterprises while the peoples wealth and life force is stolen through the use of extortion and fraud. If people cannot do these actions without getting put in prison then neither can corporations and their agents. Moral turpitude is the norm in government and in these kangaroo court star chamber tribunals where justice is fleeting and rarely seen.

According to an 1801 British Merchant Marine handbook BAR attorney's are international shipping clerks, not lawyers. They are supposed to act as customs agents aboard ships or be employed in a customs house on the land. They are not learned in the law, only in policy and procedure of a private corporation's philosophy and policies for it's employees and fellow club members. This is corporate feudalism using administrative processes and the color of law.

Attorney's use a foreign language called legalese to impose their will upon the people. This language which sounds like English requires a dictionary called the BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY of which there are numerous editions. The meanings of words frequently change in these dictionaries to perpetrate the legal system scam. Additionally the words in these dictionaries are actually just terms and are usually nothing like what their meaning is in common use by people in their daily lives. This is called the fraudulent conveyance of language that requires a "foreign language interpreter".

13. Truth is a defense to defamation to include slander, that which is spoken and libel, that which is written or published.

Claimant calls for the creation of a full grand jury of 25 members and 15 alternates. A petite grand jury is not acceptable. Claimant will present all evidence the man has acquired since the original criminal trespassing and theft of property, both real and personal. John M. Grogan, James R. Modrall, John Adams, Patrick Looney, the past tax collector for Manistee County, agents of the Honor Bank as well as other parties yet to be named are put on notice that they are the surety for their actions. Claimant has researched the fraud extensively and has accumulated massive amounts of evidence to prosecute the perpetrators for a multitude of crimes. Evidence to be introduced by claimant includes documents filed by the above mentioned parties, books, videos, congressional records and other public records, banking documents, video and audio interviews and so much more. Claimant has assembled a team of experts in law, criminal justice, banking and banking fraud, contract fraud, tax fraud, slavery, Latin and other foreign languages, patents, trademarks and copyrights, birth certificates, title fraud, conspiracies, history as well as men and women with first hand knowledge of these claims and more. These men and women are prepared to testify under the pains and penalties of perjury to these matters on the public record and in most cases have already done so.

These felonious war crimes need to be exposed to the people of Michigan, the land mass not the corporation, and will be viewable by direct streaming to the internet so that the public can see the true nature of the controversy. This problem is prevalent in every county and community across America. Obviously the court of public opinion is relevant as well.

There are no statutes of limitations in the common law court of record. This criminal racketeering conspiracy that began this controversy required years of study and research by claimant to fully grasp the depth and depravity of this criminal enterprise. The claimant needed time to research and network in order to be competent enough to fully expose these war crimes in a moral and lawful manner. Claimant fully intends to prosecute this so all parties are now put on notice. To deny me the creation of a grand jury will be considered by claimant to be a cover up of the criminal nature of the system and thus an endorsement of these war crimes.

Since claimant, a living man with unalienable rights is living in a faith based society evidenced by public policy it is his wish to take absolute title aka title absolute aka allodial title to all land and improvements with regards to this controversy. Claimant believes that no other living man or woman has a superior claim to his and instructs the trustee in the black robe to witness that the allodial title and absolute deed are now placed in claimants name, not that of his corporate fiction PERSON of all real property stolen through fraud as well as the return of all personal property which had been stored there. If there is anyone that has come forward with a superior claim filed under the pains and penalties of perjury, the claimant instructs them to inform him of their facts to dispute his facts and claims. Claimant intends to use all real and personal property for his exclusive use and benefit and without any contracts or incumbrances. This is also known as fee simple or seisin.

The real property claimed by claimant is to be removed from all taxing agents of corporations masquerading as de jure governments who are only de facto governments who have usurped the people's right to a republican form of government. The real property and any future improvements on the land are to be considered private property of the claimant and his heirs and not subject to any jurisdiction, real or imagined. Claimant wishes that all rights, title and equity are passed to him with prejudice against all others.

In closing the STATE OF TENNESSEE corporate charter constitution, a contract with the people of Tennessee, which should also be noted and be relevant here in the land mass of Michigan reminds everyone in Article 1, sections 1 and 2.

Declaration of Rights.
Section 1. That all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness: for the advancement of those ends they have at all times, an unalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such matter as they may think proper.
Section 2. That government being instituted for the common benefit, the doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.

The facts presented here are true to the best of claimants knowledge and belief and are based on all available evidence, due diligence, years of exhaustive research, extensive peer review, available public records and the natural law concept of do no harm. Men and women have unalienable rights to property not owned by other men and women. Corporations and their agents only have duties and responsibilities as trustees and they regularly abuse this position. Claimant expects and is entitled to remedy, cure and relief. These facts are filed by John acting as the claimant under the pains and penalties of perjury. May peace and justice prevail against slavery, tyranny and corruption.

John Leckrone

Man's autograph, no commercial value
Current domicile 3487 Arvin Drive
Clarksville Tennessee
(931) 216-6629