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PanTerra D'Oro Mutual Benefit Society to achieve true freedom


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Apr 1, 2010

Our Mission
The GEMSTONE University is an integral component of the PanTerra D'Oro Mutual Benefit Society established to provide education, tools and resources for the members of the Society to achieve true freedom in all aspects of their lives. The first step on this path to freedom is removing the presumptions that attach us to debt and liabilities, bankruptcy and enslavement. In order to achieve this, one must remove these presumptions and remove presumed consent, as well as step into a jurisdiction that provides safe harbor and safe haven. It is the Mission and Intent of GEMSTONE University to integrate and present a comprehensive understanding of How It All Fits Together, all the elements that create our world: history, law, money, jurisdiction, and many more subjects, in an accessible and understandable system of courses, written materials and audio/video presentations.

The University is part of a larger endeavor, the GEMSTONE Global Media Alliance, which is building multi-media, networking, broadcasting, content development, new economic models, community integration, global action combined with local identities, and embracing the diversity of the world's peoples, cultures and races into a global family. This global network will be the foundation of our interactive community for social and economic networking, bringing forward new technologies and projects for sustainable living, as well as assistance and support for all who wish to apply their life force energies towards building a new world of freedom, abundance and prosperity, a world that works for all.

The GEMSTONE University is the educational forum of the PanTerra D'Oro Private Society and Private Contract Association ("PCA"). It is designed to provide the most comprehensive and integrated approach to seeing through the veils of illusion that wrap our world and reality. Our purpose and intent is to provide an environment for learning that is supportive for living men, women and children to achieve insight and understanding, as well as guidance and support for education, knowledge development and applications for achieving freedom and liberty in an increasingly restricted and subjugated world. As a Mutual Benefit Society, the PCA and the University provide our members the tools and resources to assist themselves and each other, to gain the knowledge and resources to achieve their personal goals and to be a force of transformation in this world.


Standing Together is a very simple, yet profound principle. It expresses a clear awareness of the fact that humanity has thus far allowed itself to be fragmented, divisive, polarized and isolated in much of its social, economic and political systems. We choose a different intention. We choose to focus on what we intend to build in this world. We choose to see the common ground that we all share in life, while celebrating and honoring the diversity in all manner of expressions. We choose wholeness and we stand on the principle that together we are whole and together we can create this world anew so that all may have a life of integrity, creativity and fulfillment. It only requires the Will, the Purpose and the Intent. But that is not enough, because we cannot achieve such in isolation. If we Stand Together, nothing can stop us from fulfilling everything expressed in our Declaration of Intention.



To strive for an ideal that
Many say is impossible
Is our Noble Intent and is
Exemplary in Expression;
To live every moment as if the
Life Force in all things matters
Is our foundation in such expression;
To pierce the veils and
See beyond all limitations
Is to know that we are limitless in capacity;
To hold in our Hearts the
Integrity of all Life is to
Walk on this Earth
As one would walk On Sacred Ground;
To never hesitate,
To teach excellence,

To share insights,
To touch hearts and
To enliven minds is the fulfillment of such as this,
Our Noble Expression



How Do We Measure Our Success?
We measure our success
By the rivers that we clean

We measure our success
By the forests made pristine

We measure our success
By the joy that we exclaim

We measure our success
By the purpose we proclaim

In a world that has lost its way,
We measure our success
By the kind words that we say
We measure our success
In our gratitude for each day
We measure our success
In the laughter of children at play!




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To be a member of the Gemstone University, one must be a member of the PanTerra D'Oro Private Society and Private Contract Association ("PCA"). This is accomplished in one step when one selects the Join Now button on the left hand side of our home page and takes the steps to become a member and thereby gain access to the private side of Gemstone University.


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