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Patrick Damore Golf Instruction


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Oct 15, 2012
Patrick Damore Golf Instruction

At this site you'll find golf instruction, video analysis, online video lessons, a member's corner (join the mailing list), tour golf swing analysis, and one of my favorite things... discussions of cause/effect relationships with the golf swing. Most importantly though, you'll find in it's entirety the 'On Plane Golf Swing', by Patrick Damore, PGA Professional.

I don't like to use the words theory and system when refering to any teaching philosophy. These 2 words give a first impression of confinement. Every golf swing is unique and different but the best golfers in the world have one thing very much in common, the impact position. The ONLY thing of importance in the golf swing is 'impact'. If a golfer has certain attributes at impact, the ball will go where it should with the correct trajectory, velocity, spin, and curvature. You'll be hard pressed to find another golf instructor to argue otherwise the importance of the impact position. What happens before impact and what happens after impact is almost irrelevant. That is why we see so many different golf swings on TV, nowadays. My old standby favorite of ... 'what the hell was that swing'... Jim Furyk, has been replaced by Tommy 2 Gloves Gainey. Again... 2 VERY unorthodox golf swings and 2 VERY successful tour professionals with 2 VERY good impact positions. I've collected and organized what I strongly believe is the most efficient way to strike a golf ball. I've categorized the swing into 3 thoughts/images... arcs, shoulders, and shift. Understanding these 3 terms and applying what you learn will make your impact position more consistent and efficient.