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POTUS on Prison Reform - It's about time!


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Mar 28, 2010

EO 11110

He Hate Me
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Jul 31, 2010
another broken campaign promise. he vowed law and order. instead he's taking the proven failure leftist stance of rehab and release.

reminds one of willie horton case...that eustace mullins wrote about in 'the rape of justice'

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. they are alluding to releasing the violent criminals back into our society with lesser sentences

chump is taking the ACLU stance on releasing violent criminals

EO 11110

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Jul 31, 2010

The headquarters of the Marxist bias among American law-
yers has been for many years the American Civil Liberties
Union, whose existence and exposure played a dominant role
in the 1988 campaign for the Presidency of the United States.
The goals of the ACLU are succinctly stated in "The Red
Network"; "it is directed by Communist and Socialist revolu-
tionary leaders ... it works untiringly to further and legally
protect the interests of the Red movement in all of its
branches — ^Red strikes. Atheism, sex freedom, disarmament,
seditious 'academic freedom,' and 'freedom of speech' for
Communists only . ' '

Although it was an outgrowth of the Amer-
ican Association for the Advancement of Atheism," and thus
continuously battles any religious symbolism in any aspect
of American life, it has always been first and foremost an
agency of the Communist Party. The U.S. Fish Report notes
that the ACLU had provided bail for Conmiunist defendants
in a strike in Gastonia, N.C. during which the chief of police
was murdered. 'The Civil Liberties Union was active from


the beginning of the trouble in the cases both at Marion and
Gastonia.' The N.Y. State Lusk Report says: 'The American
Civil Liberties Union, in the last analysis, is a supporter of
all subversive movements; its propaganda is detrimental to
the State. It attempts not only to protect crime but to encourage
attacks upon our institutions in every form.'

The U.S. Fish Committee report officially stated, Jan. 1931, 'The A.C.L.U.
is closely affiliated with the communist movement in the United
States, and fully 90% of its efforts are on behalf of communists
who have come into conflict with the law. ... the main
function of the A.C.L.U. is to attempt to protect the conmiu-
nists in their advocacy of force and violence to overthrow
the government, replacing the American flag by a red flag
and erecting a Soviet Government in place of the republican
form of government guaranteed to each State by the Federal
Constitution.' Among its most active members are the afore-
named Felix Frankfurter and George Foster Peabody. A direc-
tor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Peabody exem-
plified the close affiliation of some bankers with the most
violent aims of the Bolshevik movement.

A recent issue of the ACLU's 576 page Policy Guide lays
down the party line to be followed in specific context; Policy
318, "it opposes work requirements at government-assigned
tasks as a condition of eligibility for welfare on the grounds
of fairness, dignity and privacy." However, the ACLU offers
no objection to the excesses of the Internal Revenue Service
when it breaks into homes and offices to seize assets from
private citizens in order to finance the "welfare state." As a
proponent of "redistribution of income," the ACLU cheers
when ruthless government agents seize the private assets....

Despite its historic agenda, the ACLU Policy Book remains
unknown to most Americans, even to those taxpayers who
continue to be assessed many millions of dollars each year
to pay for the frivolous and destructive lawsuits brought against
communities by the A.C.L.U.

Their target is often local gov-
ernment bodies, thus avoiding the better-financed federal agen-
cies. It was the rumored existence of this agenda which torpe-
doed the Presidential campaign of Michael Dukakis in 1988.
Dukakis seemingly had a clear road to the White House — ^he
had a weak opponent, a fanatically supportive media coverage,
the support of the entire government and academic bodies,
and absolute support from all minorities, including the home-
less and the homosexuals. His campaign was sunk by one
photograph of a convicted rapist, Willie Horton, and by the
A.C.L.U. agenda which had brought about the release of

Dukakis proudly proclaimed that he was a card-carry-
ing member of the A.C.L.U. , thus identifying himself irrevoca-
bly in the public mind widi Willie Horton. At no time did
he ever repudiate the Communist origins of the A.C.L.U.,
which had its original incarnation on Dec. 18, 1914, as the
American League to Limit Armaments, a spinoff from the
Emergency Peace Foundation, headed by Communist propa-
gandist Louis Lochner.

Its other founders were Jane Addams,
of Hull House, later revealed to be a secret member of the
Communist Party; John Haynes Holmes, a prominent Commu-
nist activist; Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, a rabid Communist apolo-
gist; Morris Hillquit, a founder of the Socialist Party and a
paid agent of the Soviet Government; and George Foster Pea-


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Apr 1, 2010
On a mail train.
There are usually two sides to a coin or story.....

Private prisons back Trump and could see big payoffs with new policies.....

Fredreka Schouten, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — Private prison companies, which stand to make big gains under President Trump’s tough new immigration orders, also have contributed big sums to pro-Trump groups, including the organization that raised a record $100 million for his inauguration last month.

GEO Group, one of the nation’s largest for-profit prison operators, donated $250,000 to support Trump’s inaugural festivities, Pablo Paez, the company’s vice president of corporate relations, told USA TODAY.

That’s on top of the $225,000 that a company subsidiary donated to a super PAC that spent some $22 million to help elect the real-estate magnate. Another prison operator, CoreCivic, gave $250,000 to support Trump’s inauguration, recently filed congressional reports show.

For-profit prison companies' hopes for significant gains under the Trump administration already are coming to fruition. On Thursday, the Justice Department rescinded an Obama administration order to phase out the use of private-prison contracts in the federal Bureau of Prisons.


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Apr 3, 2010
Well, I think the basic concept that prisoners should be able to integrate back into the society is a good one.

But, the best solution of course would be to legalize drugs, and other "vice" crimes. Doing so would greatly reduce the size and scope of criminal justice system, saving billions of dollars, and making the country a much freer place to live. Also, law enforcement could shift its mission to focus more on the real crimes where an actual victim exists.

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He Hate Me
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Jul 31, 2010
they release 650,000 per year. 2/3 of those are back in custody WITHIN THREE YEARS. how many millions of crimes must be committed for 2/3 recapture in three years???

and the really scary part -- 650,00 release every year....so millions of more crimes for each group released - layering on top of the others

sure chump -- let's fast track them back to the street