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Pres. Trump to address nation tuesday 9:00PM


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Apr 4, 2010
Ok, Trump made his political appeal. It was reasoned and thoughtful.

If, after a couple days the rats don't come to their senses, he should call the national emergency, use the full force of military decisiveness and build the fucking wall. Even at the risk of losing the 2020 election. Screw politics. The Man needs to stand up and claim national sovereignty.
California is at stake here. The entire world is at stake here. The globalist neoconlibs need to be kicked in the nuts. Hard.
They want an Orange Tyrant. He should give them one.

The symbolism is palpable. The world needs to witness a true leader.


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Apr 1, 2014
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Availability, so I was trying to get a live feed and all the feeds were down. Nothing but crickets and then I switched to netflixs for entertainment.

I liked his speech and I only have one critique. He used the word 'me' or could have been 'we,' when he was referring to the blood shed by illegals. It is things like those words that internalize the hate from the left because they think he just said I shed blood or they see it as he just admitted that he is responsible for the blood shed. It is words like those that never make it into the rational part of the dems brains and we all know they try so hard to understand but fail at every opportunity.


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Apr 6, 2011
WJR 760 AM Detroit morning guy Frank Beckman is a GREAT radio host. Interviewed the Michigan rep wench. They were talking and she kept saying they reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally need to get the govt workers back to work & paid. Frank said I can tell you how to do that. She said how. He said give the president 5 billion for the wall. Crickets, then she came back with but the people need paid and that's not enough for build the wall anyhow. He said then give him 6 Billion. Crickets! Gotta love a great radio host. Callers I heard were all in support of Trump & taking a stand.

I have a feeling the DS is all in on this & if they loose they loose everything. Not just 2020. Callers are saying everyone is working, making money, help wanted signs, wages going up, in other words all positives for blue collar people. If nothing else independent people in flyover country is a pain in their plans & ass.