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Privacy Protector for Windows 10


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Mar 30, 2010
This is free at the link below, but only until midnight Pacific time.

This can be helpful for anyone who has Windows 10. It is an easy way to reset the privacy items that Windows sometimes changes during updates. This is the main screen:



In the Tools section (shown above), there is a button to disable Windows Updates. I do the updates on all of my computers that will complete them, but one ASUS computer I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 will not complete the Windows 10 Anniversary update. That failure is likely due to ASUS not providing drivers for Windows 10. The Windows 7 drivers work fine for using the computer, but Windows 10 update does not like them (or something else in that computer), so the update always fails at 75%. Since Windows Update would download the gigabytes of data for that same update , try to install it again, and fail the same way, every few days, it was a real pain. This free program stopped that update process, and made life easier.