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#Qanon America is only the First Domino


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Mar 31, 2010
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G-Khan, I can't thank you enough for your posts; especially this one. It touched me deeply and confirmed what I have been praying that it would happen this way. It is the only way that America will survive what we are about to endure. These ten thousand sealed indictments along with military tribunals will not only drain the swamp but also reset America and lead the rest of the world onto a righteous path to a future in which we can live as God intends.

You may not remember me but it was you who I have to thank that began my internet journey of self discovery almost 20 years ago. You posted for me when I couldn't get my first post on some gold website (I can't remember the name of it, so long ago). Maybe you remember the silver bull I sent along with a donation for the website. Ha Ha

Keep up the great posts; your efforts are one of the many, many actions that will help Make America Great Again. We all have a part to play; President Trump has shown us the way.

Best wishes,

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