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Rdub stacks YouTuber


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Oct 25, 2010
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Just ran across this guy’s YouTube channel.


While most PM YouTubers are new stackers, or heavily concentrated in bullion, this YouTuber was starting to display some impressive numismatic gold towards the end of his run. See below screenshot of his CAC confirmed 1805 half Eagle graded AU55 by PCGS. That coin is showing a price guide value of $11,500 on the PCGS cert verification page. Not too shabby.

I notice his last video is over a year old. Seems he started strong on January 18, 2018 with the usual bullion fare, then started acquiring and displaying unslabbed common gold, then shifted to slabbed common gold, then started heading into graded CAC numismatics, some of which could have a nice premium over spot.

Anyone here follow his channel? Anyone know why he suddenly stopped posting videos after two years (first video uploaded January 18, 2018, while the last video was uploaded January 20, 2020)?

Maybe because all of the big shows (Fun show, etc) got cancelled in 2020? Hope he is well and didn’t get taken by the Covids.

Anyone have any light to shine on this YouTuber?

Thanks in advance. Here is a screenshot of his most recent video from January 20, 2020 (over a year ago).

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The regular warning at the coin club is to be very cautious about advertising.

I am sure everyone here keeps their PMs locked up safely at the bank deposit box, a safe, or at the bottom of the local pond/river/ocean due to an unfortunate boating accident.