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Reasons Why Club Players' Golf Swing Speed Is Not Fast


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Oct 15, 2012
Golf Swing Speed
Two Reasons Why Club Players' Golf Swing Speed Is Not Fast

There are two main reasons why your golf swing speed is not as fast as you're actually capable of.

1. You're learning technique and consciously controlling your movements

2. You're trying to hit the greens.

These two points stifle your golf swing speed motion so that eventually you're probably swinging with 40-50% of what you're actually capable of.

Both problems are solved with one solution: swing as though you don't care about the target. Your only goal is to hit the ball fast and far.

It is critically important that whenever you think about shots in golf played with highergolf swing speed, you think FAST instead of HARD.

We don't hit the ball HARD, we swing FAST.

Your mind has made an association long time ago with the word hard. Whenever you hit something hard, you will tense your muscles.

Hard equals strong. And strong equals tense muscles - which prevents them from contracting fast.

But in golf the goal is not to be strong but to move the club head through the air very fast in order to transfer that speed into the ball - so that the ball will then go fast.

Fast equals relaxed.

Swing a few times with your club head through the air and try to move it fast through the air (so that you hear the sound of whooshing through the air) with as little effort as possible.
Back to swinging and how we need to learn it the natural way...

Your golf swing may lack some technical elements that would help you hit the ball faster, with more control and less effort.

So while you're taking lessons or you're using golf instruction videos (DVDs or online), you need to COMBINE the conscious part of learning the swing mechanics with your natural way of accelerating the club head.

The worst thing you can do is to try to consciously perform the mechanical (learned) movements AND at the same time try to hit at a target.

That's a guaranteed way to completely stifle your swing and lose all natural ways of generating force.

A Three Step Process Of Learning To Swing Fast And Effortless
Most of you reading this article already have some swing technique and the following three drills apply exactly to you.

The purpose of these three drills is to release the natural way of generating force that you've had for many years but you've sacrificed it for "correct" swing technique.

Here's what you need to do to improve your swing speed and swing with less effort:

Step 1: Find a safe place (a lawn) to throw the club. Simply throw the club far. Keep doing that for about 20-30 throws.

Step 2: Go back to the range and with the same feel simply "throw" the club head into the ball.

So you're not thinking about swing technique but you're trying to keep the feel of throwing the club while you're hitting the ball.

Keep doing that for a few minutes until you can feel that you're not performing swing technique but rather throwing the club at the ball and allowing it to go whenever it wants to go.

The key is to let go of control. Control is what slows down your swing.

Step 3: Keep feeling the "throw" into the ball and now simply aim at a steeper angle towards the target. Do not try to control the swing and make it go at the target.

At this stage you simply need to get lucky here and there when you hit the target. Most shots should miss - as you're not really controlling the club head and you're still freely letting go and throwing the club head at the ball.

You're only aiming in your mind - wishing that the ball goes , but you don't sacrifice the "effortless throwing motion" for the result.

If you keep doing that you'll notice that you hit the target more and more times.

By now you should already feel that this is the right way to swing as you will feel lots of energy transfer into the ball and how effortless it is compared to your previous swing.

With practice you'll start hitting your target regularly.