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Roe v. Wade to be Overturned by SCOTUS!

Casey Jones

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Apr 4, 2020
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Down the road from the Kaczynski ranch
I fully understand this and I am by no means "pro-abortion". Abortions are horrible and the process is inhumane...to the baby.

However there are circumstances where they can be necessary. Charging an 11 year old with a homicide felony because she terminated an early unwanted forced pregnancy is not acceptable. Like I said, imagine if she was YOUR daughter. It might make you feel differently.

I know this is not the norm, rather an outlier - as the decision to have an abortion should be itself - something that lies beyond the norm in a particular set of unusual circumstance

As for Roe v Wade being overturned, I support it. I think this is something that should be left to the States per the 10th amendment.
This is the proper prerogative of the States.

STATES are to set criminal law. If your state wants to legalize abortion...so be it.

If others do not, that, also, is within their bailiwick.

I don't like to play the "Yeah-But-What-If" game. What you wind up with is a mess of a criminal code and in the end, it's decided on one person's caprices, and that person is not you. It opens the door to judicial tyranny.