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Scopes and reloading items.


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Apr 1, 2010
I have a few rifle scopes for sale, brand new in package, old stock. Leopold 2-7x varix-i, M-8 4x power fixed, Bausch and lomb 2.5x power fixed, weaver k4 4x power fixed, Nikon 3-9x power silver, and a few others. Asking $180 for the 2-7 and the 3-9 and $120 for the fixed power scopes. I have a complete RCBS rock chucked reloading kit with .270 dies, includes powder scale, press, primer flipper, powder measure, lube pad. Also have extra RCBS powder measure, powder measure stand, and some miss dies. Like to get $270 for kit. All prices could be paid in precious metal equivalents.

Ps- Also have a bunch of magazines for stuff like Rem 5mm rimfire, nylon 66, etc, pm me with your needs.