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Shooting Links from M.D. Smith, IV


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Mar 31, 2010
Shooting Links from M.D. Smith, IV
These pages are all the best links I could find, and the list is modified regularly.
2014 is the Nineteenth Year anniversary of this site and these links.
[HR][/HR]Shooting Links of All Kinds:
Update: 1-1-2014

  1. 10 Ring.com Homepage 10ring.com - Reloading and Shooting Supplies
  2. .35-06 Garand page of Martin Frankford, M1 Garands rebored to .35 cal
  3. .50 BMG Ammo AAA-Ammunition
  4. .50 Forum Forum on .50 and .460 Handguns & discussion
  5. .50 BMG Supply specialize in 50 bmg ammo for rifles
  6. A-1 Hunting & Shooting Supply 30,000 discount sporting goods products
  7. Able Ammo Everything for your hunting and shooting needs
  8. Accurate Powders Many of their powders listed. Now owned by Western Powders, Inc.
  9. Accurate Plating and Weaponry, Inc. Custom Shop
  10. Advanced Interactive Systems Techno Hunt Simulations
  11. Airgun Letter a monthly newsletter for airgun users and collectors
  12. Airguns-American dedicated to the airgun shooting sports
  13. Airguns - Pyramyd Air, Inc. "We sell bbguns, pellet guns, co2 guns, co2 rifles, bb pellet guns, air pistols"
  14. Alien Targets Something a little different at the shooting range? Our Alien Targets are ready for battle!
  15. Alliant Powders Formerly Hercules Powders; Much online info.
  16. ALPEC Laser Sights Laser pointers, etc.
  17. American Firearms American Firearms Industry
  18. American Derringer American Derringer Corporation
  19. American Gunsmithing Institute Info on Gunsmithing, courses and links.
  20. American Handgunner Online Magazine
  21. American Self Defense Institute Dedicated To Helping People Protect Themselves
  22. American Shooting.com On Line shooting magazine.
  23. American Targets high-quality shooting targets and accessories
  24. American Technologies Network Night Vision Scopes and more
  25. Ammo in Bulk BulkAmmo.com specializes in high volume ammunition orders online
  26. Ammo Boxes (Plastic) J&J Products, manufacturer of ammunition storage cases and related products
  27. AmmoMan.com Over 9 Million Rounds of Ammo in Stock !
  28. AmmunitionStore.com Ammunition, Specials, Signal Flares, Mags, Belts, Metal Links, Belt Loaders, Linkers, Optics, Ammo Cans, Boxes, Parts Kits, Reloading Stuff
  29. Ammo from Able Ammo Everything for your hunting and shooting needs
  30. Ammo.Net your home to buy ammo online. Featuring super fast shipping and low prices on all the ammo you buy. Many brands and calibers.
  31. Ammunition from SHARP ammo Precision cartridge handloads made one at a time
  32. Ammunition for Sale We are proud to offer some of the largest stock of ammunition available online at prices below what you will find at retail stores.
  33. Arizona Arms Association, Inc. Their home page - nice site.
  34. Arizona Shooting Sports "BEAST Enterprises products"
  35. ArmaLite, Inc. Catalog (.223-.308 rifles, etc.)
  36. ArmaLube Advanced Gun Oil Technology
  37. Armament Technology "A company dedicated to the development and supply of advanced shooting and ballistic equipment for professionals"
  38. Arms Dealer.net "Site to buy and sell guns, listing of gun shops and ranges, free classifieds and more "
  39. ArmsCote/BoreCote " Gun cleaner, lubricant & protectant "
  40. ARMS Software Programs on Shooting for DOS & Windows
  41. Arms To Bear Discount Sporting Goods
  42. Arms Vault Firearm Information Gateway
  43. Arms Vault Reloading page (companion to above) Firearm Information Gateway
  44. Astro Ammo Remanufactured and New Ammunition in Myrtle Beach, SC
  45. AusPistol about Australian Pistol Shooting
  46. Bagmaster Line of Pro-Shooter Bags
  47. Barnes Bullets Inc.In American Forks, Utah - - Very nice site and bullets for muzzle loaders too.
  48. BATF (ATF) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
  49. Bear Claw Holsters.com Kydex Holsters for Concealed Carry, Field, and Sports!
  50. BenchMade Knives Nice knife site on the internet
  51. Beretta Firearms Home Page
  52. Bernie's Sports Center Atlanta Gun shop online.
  53. Black Hills Ammunition New and remanufactured ammo
  54. Black Powder (Charcoal Burner.com) guidance for the UK based newcomer to BP on Muzzle Loading shooting in the UK
  55. Black Powder Resource Blackpowder Shooter's Resource Guide
  56. Black Powder, Elephant brand A subsidiary of Petro-Explo, Inc.
  57. Black Powder Shooting Firelands.Net home page
  58. Blount, Inc. Sporting goods and shooting equipment
  59. Blue And Gray Gun Club of Huntsville and North Alabama
  60. Blue Book of Gun Values Blue Book Publications
  61. Books on Shooting Many sources of books on the topics and links to buy some of them.
  62. Braverman Arms A Full Service Gun Shop On-Line
  63. Briley Mgf. Co."We manufacture a complete line of pistol, rifle, and shotgun products, also gunsmith services."
  64. Brownells firearm accessories and gunsmithing tools
  65. Browning Features rifles, shotguns and accessories.
  66. Buffalo Arms The source for black powder and black powder accessories
  67. BullBerry Barrel Works, Ltd. "World Famous for Accuracy"
  68. Bullet Boy Shooting Sports Blog
  69. Bull Gang Tactical Weapons Team
    ========================[ Bullet Company Listings start here ]==========================
  70. Bullets from Bullet works.net/ We have plated bullets back in stock as well as lead.
  71. Bullets from CB Bullets Premium quality hardcast lead bullets!
  72. Bullets from FriendsWood Bullet Company Friendswood Bullet Co., 16922 Serenity Cove Cir, Friendswood, Texas 77546 , 281-724-8859
  73. Bullets from Master Cast We offer hard cast bullets in most of the popular handgun calibers along with remanufactured ammunition using either your brass or our brass.
  74. Bullets from Matt's Bullets.com Matt's Cast Bullets web site with many Gas Checked types and calibers.
  75. Bullets from Meister Bullets.com The Most Recognized Name in High Quality Cast Bullets
  76. Bullets from Missouri Bullet.com We optimize bullets for your intended application. We don't take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to manufacturing bullets
  77. Bullets from Montana Bullet Works Quality hand-cast bullets for reloaders including paper patched big bore bullets
  78. Bullets from Mt. Baldy Bullet Company CAS perfect in Cody, Wyoming. Our aim is to provide superior quality bullets for the discerning shooter.
  79. Bullets from Oregon Trail We understand the importance of having absolute confidence in your bullet's performance. You need to know your bullet will fly true, shot after shot.
  80. Bullets from Reloads 'N More We sell precision accuracy premium quality hard cast lead bullets, includes Free Shipping
  81. Bullets from Rim Rock Bullets Cowboy, Gas Checked and Hard cast bullets.
  82. Bullets from SNS Casting High Quality Cast Pistol Bullets at affordable Prices!!
  83. Bullets from Carolina Cast Bullets Hardball alloy is a hard lead, antimony, tin alloy lubed with Liquid Alox, a proven formula for keeping leading to a minimum and is a Brinell hardness of 16
  84. Bullets from x-calibers.com We use only mill spec alloy of 92-6-2 with no scrap of any kind ever added to reduce cost.
  85. Bullets from Zero Bullets Cullman, AL "Reliability, accuracy and affordability... three reasons that Zero is one of America's fastest growing bullet and ammunition manufacturers."
  86. BRASS for sale at Apex Brass "New, processed and once fired brass for sale."
    ========================[ END of Bullet Listings here ]==========================
  87. Bullseye Shooting John Dreyer's Competitive Bullseye Pistol Shooting
  88. Bullseye Tactical Firearms Training courses in California
  89. Burris Optics Scopes and stuff
  90. Bushnell"The World's Leader In Sports Optics"
  91. C&C Hunting & Fishing and Outdoor Headquarters
  92. Cabela's Outdoor Products, Ammo, reloading and a ton more, and Catalog Big mail order site
  93. Camping, Hunting & Shooting Supplies from this Australia company, but ship anywhere.
  94. Calico Annie historical dresses and accessories
  95. Cascade Ammunition Federal, Winchester, CCI, Hornady, & Wolf Ammo and surplus ammunition
  96. Century Intl. Arms North America's largest importer/exporter of surplus firearms and accessories
  97. Cheaper Than Dirt Shooting supplies of all kinds at bargin prices
  98. CHRONY Chronographs Shooting Chrony - Taking the guess out of success
  99. Classic Pistol Website The Ultimate Indoor Range
  100. Cherry's Guns Winchester And Colt Collectibles
  101. Chestnut Ridge Supply Gun parts and more.
  102. Cimarron Firearms Single Action Guns of Old West
  103. Cliff's Guns & Surplus Gunshop, powders, etc.
  104. Collins Cartridge Company New and Reloaded ammo in Conroe, Texas
  105. ColtAutos.com Colt Automatic Pistols Home Page
  106. Colt Firearms Home Page Lists Pistols and Revolvers and info.
  107. Cor-Bon -High Performance Ammunition
  108. Corbin - Bullet Swaging (SWAY-JING, rhymes with "paging"
  109. Concealed Carry classes - CCW Training of Las Vegas provides the required 8 hour class for those citizens who want to obtain their Nevada CCW permit.
  110. Country Outfitter Western Wear and Boots
  111. Cowboy Action Shooting IBSARS: International Brotherhood of Single Action Revolver Shooters
  112. Cowboy Action Shooting CAS-City Kjell Heilevang aka Marshal Halloway, SASS #3411
  113. Cowboy Shooting, Navada Navada Rangers Cowboy Action Shooting Club:
  114. Cowboy Shooting, Navada Silver City Shooters Society, Las Vegas
  115. Cowboy Shooting, Georgia Cherokee Cowboys Gainesville, Georgia: Shootout At Mule Camp
  116. Cowboy Shooting, Alabama North Alabama Regulators: Huntsville - All about stages, pics, etc. (site by Doc Early)
  117. Cowboy Shooting, Alabama North Alabama Regulators: Club Home Page.
  118. Cowboy Shooting, LINKS Page Links to many Cowboy/Western sites from Doc Early
  119. Cowboy Gear Lone Star Cowboy Gear, Justin, Texas
  120. Cowboy Holsters and Belts Rocky Top Leather company - all kinds of leather goods
  121. Cowboy Store Buffalo Brothers - grips, badges, etc.
  122. Cowboy Store Buffalo Arms Co.- Outfitters to the Old West
  123. Cowboy Single Action Gunsmithing Bob James, The Arizona Thumber
  124. Cowboy OUTLAWS The Alpine Outlaws: Great site, music, links and much more.
  125. Cowboy Gun Leather Chisholm's Trail Gun Leather, Newnan, Georgia
  126. Western Gun Holsters John Bianchi now custom makes original western-style holsters and gunbelts
  127. Custom Gun Leather Murphy Leather Company has been manufacturing quality leather goods since 1985
  128. CTK Precision Shooting Rest, Gun Vise, Vertical Foregrip and Monopods
  129. Cylinder and Slide PistolSmithing Services and more.
  130. Ed Brown Products® Gun Parts and customizing for the .45 ACP
  131. Electronic Gun Shop Lots of other shops and links here
  132. Elite Survival.com Tactical Survival Systems
  133. EMF "Authentic Cowboy Action Firearms"
  134. Engraving, Custom "Sidney L. Ryan Custom Engraving and Scrimshaw Artist"
  135. Executive Gun Runners "Currently we have over 20,000 items available in our online gun store. "
  136. GALCO International Sporting, Shooting, Cowboy, etc. catalogs
  137. Gamaliel Shooting Supply On-line Shooting supply catalog
  138. Gardall Gun Safes featuring Bulldog Gun and Pistol Safes
  139. Georgia Arms "Ammunition and Reloading Headquarters"
  140. GOEX Black Powder Maker
  141. Glock Firearms Home Page Lists and info.
  142. Glock "King Glock" Home Page Parts & Accessories for Glock pistols
  143. Glockmeister Glock competition parts, accessories and parts
  144. GlockWorld Magazine On-Line Version
  145. Grams Engineering Base pads, spring kits and mounts.
  146. Gray Beard Outdoors hunting, shooting, guns and other topics
  147. Gun Broker.com World's Largest Online Auction of Firearms and Accessories
  148. Gun Cleaning Shiloh Creek Products is a gun cleaning products industry pioneer.
  149. Gun Collections On Line Gun Collections Online is a website dedicated to helping people get top dollar for their guns and gun collections.
  150. Gun Fighter Zone Holsters, whips, spinning ropes, western shooting information and performance organizations
  151. Gun Dealer in Atlanta, GA We specialize in rare and vintage guns and fine shotguns
  152. Gun Dealer in Scottsdale, AZ "Firearms For You.com" complete gun and ammo shop on line
  153. Gun Digest resource for information on current gun news, long guns, hand guns and all firearm related information in the gun market
  154. Gun Digest Gun Values Same site, but you can get gun values here
  155. Guns Exchange Classified listings of Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, and Pistols for sale.
  156. Guns Magazine Online
  157. GunGear.com "D&S Enterprise/Holsters, Shoulder Holsters, Fanny Packs, Vests, Western Items"
  158. GunHoo The Yahoo of Gun links pages
  159. "gunindex.com" "Internet Firearms Industry and Trade Directory"
  160. Gun Parts Corp. Parts for more guns than you could possibly imagine.
  161. Gun Safes by Homeland Safes to store long guns and other firearms securely at home.
  162. Gun Safes by Maximum Security representing several brands of safes
  163. Gun Safes by Sportsman Steel Gun Safes, built like a bank vault
  164. Gun Safes Selling Safes since 1948 - All kinds and prices of safes
  165. Gun Shop Finder "gives you the ability to find detailed information about our subscribing shops"
  166. Gunsight South Africa South Africa’s Firearm, Tactical & Hunting Discussion Forums
  167. Guns and Game Magazine The South Pacific Journal of Firearms & Hunting
  168. GunsAmerica.com Matching sellers to buyers/ big classified listing thousands.
  169. GunShop Com "Fine Firearms For The Sportsman and Collector."
  170. The GunShops Com TheGunShops.com brings you local gun shops in California
  171. GunSmith School Pennsylvania Gunsmith School
  172. GunSmith Training Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing School
  173. Gun Video Mail Order Vidoe tapes
  174. Handloading For Hunting Dave Quick's Focus on hunting, outdoor info and links.
  175. Hanson's Leather ". . from custom leather goods to period clothing of the 1800's."
  176. Hinterland Outfitters including firearms, ammunition, hunting optics, gun accessories & parts, flashlights, knives, reloading supplies, camping supplies, more
  177. Hodgdon Powder Company "Our mission is to provide quality propellants. . . "
  178. Hogue Grips "Hogue Grips - - The Finest Handgun Grips Made"
  179. Holsters.com Safariland Civilian Products
  180. Hornady Bullets Bullets - Ammunition - Reloading Equipment
  181. Hunter's Com The Hunter's Connection On The Web
  182. Hunting Information Systems -- Hunting related services
  183. Hunting and Fishing Direct.com -- Hunting and Fishing supplies
  184. Huntington's -- Distributors of standard and hard-to-find reloading products since 1941.
  185. IAR Arms Collectable quality reproductions of historic firearms
  186. IDPA International Defensive Pistol Association
  187. Impact Guns Store Online retailer of firearms, ammunition, optics, accessories, and tactical gear
  188. IMR Powders Official site: powders, reloading info, etc.
  189. Innovative Technologies "Finally a resizing die that works on belted magnum cases."
  190. International Shootists Institute Steel Plate Challenge (range and training)
  191. IPSC -- The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)
  192. Ithaca Gun Co. " Look what we're doing now..."
  193. Ivanhoe's Warehouse Outlet Ammunition and Gun Related Accessories
  194. Jack Daniel's Old #7 Whiskey Tennessee Sour Mash from Lynchburg, TN.
  195. Just Shoot Me Products World's safest reactive targets and stands
  196. Keep Shooting.com "Since 2002 we have been your number one source for firearms, firearms parts, military surplus, and more!"
  197. Kimber of America "What all guns should be."
  198. Kirkpatrick Leather Company "quality leather holsters since 1968"
  199. Kleen-Bore "Quality Gun Care Products"
  200. Kramer Handgun Leather "Concealment Holsters and Accessories for the Armed Professional!"
  201. Laser Range Finder Review Score for most popular current production rangefinders
  202. Laser Sight Pro all the major manufacturers of laser gun sights and laser grips
  203. Larry's Pistol & Pawn Huntsville, AL biggest gun dealer, new and used
  204. Law Enforcement Supply "On-Line Catalog"
  205. Lazzeroni Arms Company "'Flattest Shooting' 'Hardest Hitting' Hunting Rifles On The Planet!"
  206. Leupold Scopes Leupold & Stevens, Inc., PO Box 688, Beaverton, OR 97075-0688
  207. Leadheads Cast Bullets Specializing in Gas Checked bullets. Their .501 lead 440 gr. is super in my S&W 500 Magnum
  208. Lucky Gunner.com Ammunition Supplier: everything listed is in stock and shipped by next business day
  209. Lyman Products Lead bullets, BP rifles, more.
  210. Mag-Na-Port International barrel porting reduces recoil and muzzle lift.
  211. Magnum Research Convert your .357 or .44 Magnum Desert Eagle Pistol into a .50 [more]
  212. Magnus Cast Bullet Co. Hard Cast rifle and pistol bullets by Terry Labbe
  213. Marlin Firearms Co. Marlin celebrates its 125th anniversary in 1995.
  214. Martini Gallery Devoted to Martini Rifles by Randy Davis, PE, Martini Enthusiast
  215. Matt's Bullets.com Matt's Cast Bullets web site with many Gas Checked types and calibers.
  216. Mauser Firearms Co. The German Rifle Maker, "Our Business Is Rifles."
  217. McKune's Sporting Collectibles Advertising and Sporting MEMORABILIA from the 1870's to the 1960's FOR SALE
  218. Midsouth Shooters Supply Lots of shooting stuff - online catalog -
  219. Midstates Cast Bullets Website of Cast Bullets for sale -
  220. Midway USA "Shooting supply catalog on line"
  221. The Military Rifle Journal a bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to the identification, usage and history of the world's military rifles
  222. Millett Scope Sights Red Dot pistol sights, scopes for rifles, etc.
  223. Misty Morn Safe Co. Supplies all kinds of safes from Richland, Indiana.
  224. Mississippi Sportsman hunting & fishing reports, as well as news and articles on your favorite spots
  225. MLE Shooting Sports Accessories for the Shooter
  226. Montana Bullet Works Quality hand-cast bullets for reloaders including paper patched big bore bullets
  227. Mountain West Brass Used brass for pistol & rifle
  228. M T M Case Gard MTM Molded Products Co.
  229. Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, National This is the NMLRA
  230. Myers Bullets Lead bullet maker, includes Cowboy bullets.
  231. Natchez Web site Shooter's Supplies
  232. National Bullet Company Cast Lead Bullets and Ammo - since 1975
  233. National Rifle Association National Headquarters
  234. National Rifle Association The MY NRA home page
  235. National Rifle Association ILA Institute for Legislative Action
  236. NRA Friends - Huntsville, AL Web site of FNRA Huntsville and Annual late Summer Banquet details
  237. Navy Arms Co. Quality Replica Fireamrs
  238. Night Vision Planet day and night vision products
  239. Night Vision 4 Less all kinds of night vision optics
  240. Norma Precision Ammunition Maker
  241. North American Arms Catalog"NAA mini-revolvers occupy a unique niche in the handgun market as the smallest, lightest 5-shot single-action revolver in production in the world"
  242. Nosler Bullets On-Line Catalog of bullet mgf.
  243. NSSF National Shooting Sports Foundation
  244. Old Guns Book Tales & Twists of the Old West
  245. Old Town Station " The Armchair Gunshow on-line "
  246. Old Western Scrounger" We are a "nitch" company that specializes in hard-to-get ammunition from all over the world!"
  247. Optics Hunter Scopes, Binoculars & much more
  248. Optics Planet.com hundreds of thousands of products
  249. Oregon Trail Bullet Co. Home of Laser Cast Bullets
  250. Pachmayr Grips A grip for every user
  251. Para Ordnance CompanyP Series handguns
  252. Pearce Grip, Inc. Replacement Handgun Grips
  253. Pepper Spray Guns LED activated light so you have pinpoint accuracy!
  254. Pinewood Derby Graphite - Pinewood Derby Graphite Dry Lube Speed Tips Derby Car Kits
  255. Police Resource List Lots of great links
  256. Potter Firearms - Australia Good Aussie pages and stories.
  257. Practical Shooting Supplies supplies for shooting
  258. Precision Shooting Magazine
  259. Pro Ammo Online Ammunition & accessories Source
  260. Professional Shooters Products Inc. "Cast Bullet company that specializes in Gas Checked Rifle and Pistol Bullets"
  261. Western Bullet Co. Ammuniton, Components, Reloading Equipment, Data, etc. Missoula, MT
  262. Western Powders Western Powders is a master distributor for IMR, Winchester, Vihtavouri, Accurate and Alliant powders.
  263. Western Today It is a rich source of cowboy and western lore
  264. Western: Old West Gallery All kinds of western wear, accessories, replica guns & collectibles
  265. Western: Cowboy Emporium outfitting Cowboy Action Shooters
  266. Western: PFI Western Wear Celebrating 28 Years as America's Western Store
  267. Western Wear Sheplers.Com online catalog
  268. Western Wear Drysdales.Com online catalog
  269. Western Wear C&J TRADERS, also leather, BP firearms, accessories, etc.
  270. Wilson Combat Custom Handguns and accessories
  271. Winchester Ammunition "Site In With Winchester"
  272. Winchester Guns Winchester Rifles and Shotguns Information
  273. WOLF ammo "Russia's highest quality ammunition"



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