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Silver in medicine – past, present and future


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Apr 2, 2010
I have just received the following from the Silver Institute.


It would be good reading for those who are contemplating the use of colloidal silver. There is nothing new about the usefulness of silver in medicine. The acceptance of silver being used in the prevention and treatment of disease was simply overshadowed by the spectacular results initially achieved by the use of Alexander Fleming's antibiotics. Since Fleming's discovery, the microbes that do us harm have had thousands if not millions of generational opportunities to develop a resistance to Fleming's antibiotics. This is not the case with silver. It seems that silver has some basic chemical mechanism in relation to the cell walls of gram negative bacteria. A silver ion, a single atom of silver missing the outer shell single electron, somehow pierces the cell wall of these bacteria. Such a mechanism presents a much greater challenge for a microbe to genetically evolve its way around.
I hope that fellow members will quote from and comment on this report from the Silver Institute. This thread would also be a good place for any information provided by researchers. We all know that there's a ton of anecdotal testimony out there and that's all well and good. I think most of it is actually true, even that which is obviously provided by someone trying to sell something. What is needed, however, is factual information. That is what we need to combat the negative spin from the pharmaceutical industry. My own general practitioner, when he learned that I used colloidal silver, told me "silver is toxic". That was the full extent of his knowledge on the subject.
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Apr 4, 2010
The use of silver particles, ions, and colloid can not be patented by Big Pharma, as Colloidal and Electrically Isolated Silver have been in the public domain a long time and that stops it's patent(s). The recipe of other ingredients and their quantities is all they can register.