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Silver stocks

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Apr 7, 2010
Should one wait for a down turn? Like before the election? I have not been looking at stocks in seems like 20 years. I am silver nut so what stocks look interesting?


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Dec 18, 2011
I'm really surprised there isn't any interest in this thread.

To answer your first question. I am in the same boat. Would have been nice to be building positions last year but I also think this move is just beginning. That being said I am taking a wait and see approach right now. I'll start buying on any weakness. Long term I think most of the miners are undervalued. The ones I am looking at anyway. I'm thinking about dividing my money into 3 purchases and doing some DCA over the next month or so. If silver breaks 30 it could run to 35 pretty fast. So any break above 30 and I will probably get in for a quick ride up and reevaluate from there. If it does that without a pullback then we may not get a pullback right now.
Basically just have to wait and see what the markets look like in the next week.. Wait for the opportunities to get in.
Here's whats on my watch list right now. Not all silver plays just stuff I am watching and mostly needing to do a deeper look into.
One that did well on friday was FSM. I had moved that to the bottom of my list since it was an Argentinian play and that country is forked for now. Go figure. LOL.
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