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Social Justice, as explained by "Mr. Constitution"


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Apr 2, 2010
Another good, short article by my friend, John Chambers, a.k.a. "Mr Constitution".

Excerpt from YOUR RIGHTS book . . .
A number of lawyers have told me, “property ownership and control and contracts are rights established by law” and “[e]conomic value . . . is created by law.” This is the core of a movement, starting in 1881, called Legal Realism. . . .

If we are playing marbles, especially “for keeps,” we have rules. We make up the rules.

You get to keep one of my marbles if you knock it out of the circle. We have no problem until you or I try to pick up marbles still in the circle, or [otherwise break the rules]. . . .

Government exists to enforce the laws. It does not matter if [it says it] “created the property” or any other rationale, if [it] does not enforce the laws, [it] is engaged in some form of Legal Realism.

What if one player is better than another? The loser complains to the judge that the other guy is so much better, he should give back the marbles he won and play again, but this time he has to shoot from six-feet back. “Get Real, Man!” he could say to the judge. “Make it Fair!” If you don’t do that, there will be no more game.

Often, courts will stick to the laws and say “I can’t do anything until the legislature changes the rules.” But sometimes, the “reality” of the differences in abilities and “social positions” beg the Courts to “even the playing field.” . . .

Legal Realism “produces inconsistent and sometimes incoherent results that are largely based on the political, social, and moral predilections of state and federal judges.” They are not predictable.

If the purpose of Courts and Justice is to sort out the chaos, but the Courts have become unpredictable, what is a person to do?

Social Justice

The dictionary definition of social justice is “the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society.” It is only an issue when someone perceives that the distribution is not just. Someone perceives that individuals produce and “give to society” but do not get “from society” (other individuals) the correct amount due.

It is true that some people do not get what was agreed to or what is expected. There are laws to stop fraud and theft and cheating. The courts of justice are supposed to – SUPPOSED TO – make sure the laws are enforced so a person does get what is due. He gets his marbles.

[But] when the usual methods of justice do not serve justice, people are not given what they deserve, then they start talking about “Social Justice.” They are looking for a work-around for failed Justice.

Social Justice only becomes an issue when justice has become corrupted. People look for a solution from “society”.

All justice occurs between individuals. You and me. I give you a chicken. You give me a pair of shoes. That is about as social as you can get.

And that is what "social justice" is supposed to mean. No thug can take my chicken or your shoes . . . particularly no government agent can take them.

If we are talking about “social justice”, the courts have become corrupted. The government cannot deliver JUSTICE . . .

Rather than laws and honest procedures, justice becomes equality. That means if you have two shoes and I have none, you owe me a shoe. The government is going to force you to give it to me. That is legal realism, that is social justice . . . according to some. Used in that way, is denies private property.

Here is where we have to become VERY alert. As soon as “social justice” denies that you have some right to your stuff, and refuses to use the usual procedures to deliver justice, we have entered into a no-man’s land where every step is a landmine, you have to keep your head down, and every word is potential disaster. . . .

The Constitution is designed to preserve private property by maximizing liberty . . . which means freedom without harming another. The Constitution is designed for social justice in its original and full-throated meaning.

True social justice is under attack by a counterfeit calling itself by that name. It is counterfeit because it denies private property.

I’m reviewing the manuscript before sending it to be published. If you have not signed up to get YOUR RIGHTS at half-price, you can sign up (no charge) here


John Chambers
Mr. Constitution

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