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SOLD FM Sterling Silver Medals


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Jan 7, 2012
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I have several Franklin Mint medal collections/albums available. Each round struck in proof quality and with unique design, no duplicates. These are all Sterling - each medal stamped on edge.

22x Historical Sites of America - 0.80 ozt ASW each
This collection came out in 1971-1973 (not sure exactly) and was split into two albums. A total of 50 Sterling silver medals, 27 grams each, were included between the two albums. I believe one per state. I have 22 medals available. I may just have your state! Here is what the albums and medals looked like (not my post): https://www.ebay.com/itm/133653942215. I have the sleeves, FDC and inserts but not the actual hard covers of the albums. I don't believe any of these medals have ever been broken out of their packaging. A few show toning.

5x United Nations - 0.74 ozt ASW each
Franklin Mint struck a variety of commemorative UN medals. I have the first album (1972) with five 25-gram medals. These are considered to be the English edition -- versions in French, Russian, etc were also made. Here is what a similar one looks like (again, not my post): https://www.ebay.com/itm/184532182382. I have the album, sleeves, COA's, inserts but the FDC's/stamps are not there. While the medals don't seem to have any toning or fingerprints, they were broken out and not resealed at one point - probably to inspect/weigh/test.

Add shipping (to US, Canada, just about wherever). PM me if interested.

Accepting payments via Zelle, PPFF, PPGS (add 3%), Venmo.
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