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SOLD - Some Canadian Bullion - Cougars and Incuse Maple Leafs


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Apr 12, 2010
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Silicon Valley
I have 25 coin rolls of each of these beautiful bullion coins, 2018 Incuse Maple Leaf & 2016 Canadian Cougar in mint tubes. Though they've been opened to admire them. The rolls are being sold intact, I don't want to split them up unless absolutely necessary. If you want a few juicy, sweet, Meyer Lemons from my yard, just let me know and I'll pack them in the box along with the coins.

Pricing: I'd like to get Spot + $4 (~$31 today) each for the bullion ($36 each at Apmex), PM me if you want to make an offer or get my Friends & Family Paypal email, I can also accept Zelle payments to my phone number.

Priority Mail USPS shipping is free with signature confirmation if you buy one of the rolls.
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