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Teen who tried to rob fireworks stand gets shot in face with own gun


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Mar 31, 2010

A suspect is in critical condition after he was shot during an attempted robbery of a fireworks stand in north Harris County.

Sheriff's deputies say robbers view fireworks stand as easy money.

"Because they're easy targets they're out here alone by themselves," said Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Eddie Hazel. "But it doesn't always go their way, and this is one of those instances where it didn't go the robbers way.
Sheriffs deputies say a 19-year-old man on foot approached the fireworks stand at 14400 North Freeway shortly before 4:00p.m. Thursday.

Deputies say no customers were there, only two employees.

"The workers were back behind the stand at the time it was just them there," Hazel said.

"He produced a handgun described as a revolver and demanded money."

Deputies don't know if it was nerves or inexperience, but whatever the reason, the robber set his gun down.

That's when the employee grabbed the gun and fired one shot, striking the teen in the face.

The would-be robber was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Deputies say the employee was shaken.

"He's very distraught he's very upset," Hazel said.


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May 31, 2015
Moral of the story:

Don't bring a gun to a robbery as it may end up being hazardous to your health!

A hardy 'well done' to the clerk that shot that brilliant yet misguided 19 year old (what thief worth his salt puts down his gun in the middle of a robbery?) . Hopefully the unfortunate yute has either learned his lesson or he won't live long enough to make the same mistake twice!


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Mar 28, 2010
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that didn't go as planned...

Man fatally shot while attempting to rob Goodyear fireworks stand

A man shot while attempting to rob a fireworks stand in Goodyear on Wednesday night has died, police said.

A man and a woman attempted to rob the stand at Cotton Lane and Pima Street, said Lisa Berry, a Goodyear Police Department spokeswoman.

Police were looking for the driver of a gold Honda sedan after the robbery of a fireworks stand turned fatal. (Photo: Goodyear police)

During the robbery attempt, the owner of the stand shot the armed man, identified by police as Daniel Torres, 26, of Buckeye.

Torres was taken to a hospital in serious conditionand later died, Berry said.

The woman who was with him fled the scene in a gold Honda sedan with Arizona handicapped-accessible plate LAG50. Police described her as a 20- to 30-year-old Hispanic woman who was about 5 feet, 9 inches and 150 pounds. Her clothing was unknown.

Police were searching the area for her Thursday morning, Berry said.

The investigation was ongoing, and Berry said it was too soon to say whether the owner of the fireworks stand would face any charges.