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Test thread


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Jul 21, 2010
Birmingham. UK
Been putting together a mobile gold coin catalogue using the isilo format for smart phones, just for personal use while out and about at dealers and such....anyways it occurred to me the anomaly of the amount of so called 'developing' countries with very ostentatious gold coins, granted most are single issues etc. but theres a pattern, few examples, any more??

1967 Haiti 1,000 Gourdes (Proof)
Mintage: 2,950 (Est)
Composition: .900
Gold Content: 5.7148 oz
Weight: 197.4800g
Size: 60.5mm
Finish: Proof
1967haiti1000gourdesfrancoisduvalierobv400.jpg 1967haiti1000gourdesfrancoisduvalierrev400.jpg

1966 Sierra Leone 1 Golde
Mintage: 1,500
Composition: .900
Gold Content: 1.5783 oz
Weight: 54.5450g
Size: 47mm
1966sierraleone1ounceobv400.jpg 1966sierraleone1ouncerev400.jpg