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Oct 22, 2010
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Here's a pic of the basic structure of the sheet.

I simply copy the info from CoinInfo and 'Paste Special - Text' onto the indicated cell in the sheet.

The sheet will update all information.

To add new purchase entries, simply highlight the row under the metal you purchased and 'Insert' a fresh row. In this case you would be clicking on '13'.

Right Click and select 'Insert'.

You will now have a fresh row to enter your information.

As you enter your info, it will be bolded and will look like this.

Once you are satisfied that your info is correct, you can un-bold your entry by highlighting the row and clicking on the 'Bold' button (you may have to click it twice).

Here's your updated purchase with the sheet automatically updating the rest of your data.

I can customize this sheet some more. I created it with entering all of the data by hand; however, I can have the sheet do any desired calculations.

Any input is greatly appreciated.