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Jun 8, 2010
I wanted to post a video about the Ron Paul Super Brochure but the videos promote a specific website/business so it would violate the GIM rule against posting ads.

You can find it easily though the next time you are over on YouTube, just type in "ron paul super brochure" and you'll find more than one video.

There's one that says "official - original in HD" that was uploaded by the brochure creator (13 min 57 sec long) and another video that says "Game Changer" which was uploaded by someone else (5 min 30 sec long). Both are good videos explaining about the brochure.

I am not connected with the business or the website that is selling the brochure. I just think the brochure is a good tool that is available to spread the word about Dr. Ron Paul. If you are looking for communication tools for that purpose, you may like the brochure.

Now, here's a video I can post....

The American Upset (4 min 24 sec):

info from YouTube:
On 16 december 2007 supporters of republican presidential candidate Ron Paul raised $6.04 million dollar in one single day. It was the greatest one day fundraising in the history of US politics. And it was completely grassroots.

This december 16th we'll be holding a similar fundraiser again.
Donate on 16 december 2011 at http://www.ronpaul2012.com
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