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The Fourth Branch of Government


Midas Member
Midas Member
Jun 8, 2010
The Fourth Branch of Government -- George Lambert (46 min 53 sec)

Published on Aug 25, 2013 by Atlas Society
New Hampshire State Representative George Lambert diagnoses the grave threat that the "fourth branch of government" poses to our liberties and our democracy. The "fourth branch of government" is constituted by the Administrative Agencies, which administer significant influence over free markets and contain within their autonomous authority the ability to be a tool for the implementation of programs that can constrict free market capitalism, stifle innovation, and constrain competition, while providing additional funding sources for burdensome regulatory programs and initiatives. New initiatives can become regulatory policy with little more than backroom discussions transcribed into a policy recommendation and sent for a public hearing on their authorization and adoption. With these new regulations, these departments often have the power to implement new broad-based fees, taxation, regulation, and penalty regimes often outside of the awareness of either industry or the general public. The intrinsic structure of these "mostly self governing and regulated" administrative departments make them hard to understand, or control.