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The GIM : Gold Is Money Experience

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Mar 29, 2010
Lone Star State
Hi there fellow GIM'ers !

We want to let our membership know that we value your input and are striving to make your experience here worthwhile and enjoyable.

Free speech is a core of what we believe to be the most unrestricted way to share information, however we do ask that each member is to be mindful of their posts. Please refrain from posting any knowingly offensive topics or numerous posts in a thread that is highly opinionated with the intent to harm others. We can all benefit from being polite with constructive arguments that stay on the topic at hand. Sometimes emotions do flare up and incendiary remarks which is part of the passion for those seeking to understand the other side of a difficult topic.

Please share any ideas that you may have to improve GIM as we continue the journey on the path of Gold is Money, the premier gold and silver forum.

Thank you and enjoy your stay !