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The Good News Thread:


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Apr 4, 2010
20+ years ago I did something like this for a "special needs" fella at a local Micky Ds. I don't recall what the promotion was probably something StarWars or Peanuts (Snoopy, maybe I'm a Snoopy fan).
Anyway the young fella mentioned how cool this thing was so I gave it to him.
A manager came running out at the young guy and I jumped square into him with both feet. I told the manager the employee did not ask for it and I wanted the fella to have it. " Well its against store policy-"" ONLY if YOU make it an ISSUE" I said back.
"I do not want to find out you have disciplined him over something I did because I wanted too. I can find out who the Regional Supervisor is real easy if you know what I mean".
" Well, Go put it in your locker and take it home when your shift is over" the manager came back at the employee with.
The kid was still working there about two weeks later when I stopped by.
I do a good deed once in a Blue Moon.
This was one of them.