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The modern golfer


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Mar 25, 2010
Love 'em or hate 'em, or have no dog either way, these guys are just flat good at what they do.

When Nic Price went on his run pre-Tiger, his irons were something to see.

As you move to the Tiger era, the guy just flat dominated with attitude and ability. The others all knew he was top dog and were playing for a piece of him.

Now we move into a new era, where the competition is all elevated, and the guys at the top with Spieth, McElroy, and Day have a game of length and finesse, but what separates them from the field is the mental ability to handle the day to day pressure. The constant hounding of the media and fans alike.

Watching Days display at the last PGA was something to see, with length and accuracy he was driving the ball. He was playing a different course then anyone there.

Spieth being the stronger of the 3 IMO mentally, where his game isn't as good, but his ability to limit his bad rounds to par level, then go nuts under par when his putter is eating holes.

Yeah, the current crop of players are really really good.