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There goes Obama's Jewish vote


Mother Lode Found
Mother Lode
Mar 30, 2010
Jackie Mason: Obama's Hanukkah a Sham, Insult to Jews

Tuesday, 20 Dec 2011 05:09 PM

Comedian Jackie Mason blasted President Obama's recent Hanukkah event as a condescending outreach effort to Jewish voters, at one point even suggesting the president couldn't tell a Muslim from a Jew.

"I don't even think he knew that he was talking about something that's Jewish," Mason said on Aaron Klein's WABC radio show, Politico first reported. "It could have been Muslim, it could have been altogether a religion he never even heard of. He doesn't know, he doesn't care. He's strictly in there to take a picture, and the picture could have been about anything," Mason told Aaron Klein of WABC in New York City.

Mason launched his slam in part because the White House held the celebration on Dec. 8, though the Jewish holiday begins its eight-night run on Dec. 20.

"The way I see it, we're just extending the holiday spirit," the president said at the event, "We're stretching it out. But we do have to be careful that your kids don't start thinking Hanukkah lasts 20 nights instead of eight. That will cause some problems."

Mason continued his assault on the president, saying that the event was just a stunt to boost his poll numbers with the Jewish community.

"A bunch of advisors, most of whom are Jewish anyway -- because he has more Jews in his cabinet than Netanyahu," Mason said, according to Politico. "He's jammed up with Jews all around him -- and they told him, if you wanna get them back, Hanukkah is a good idea.

"You don't have to go any place. We'll put down the tchotchke and you'll see a candle, you'll light it from this side, and that's enough information for him to accumulate without a teleprompter. So he did it in 10 minutes."

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Gold Miser
Gold Chaser
Mar 31, 2010
As of late the Jewish PTB seems to be rallying around the Massachusetts Mitten. However, their bets are hedged as usual and they'll be perfectly happy to keep pulling Obama's strings. Always a lot of truth in humor.